Long time no see.

So it’s been probably two years since the last update and I’ve just don’t know what to write about. Usually I’m reviewing makeup and games that I’ve played during that time, but I felt I’ve neglected this blog/site for so long that there wasn’t anything to update about. Since 2014 I started streaming on Twitch, and it’s what I’ve been concentrating on mostly since. I ever so often thought back to my webcomic and how I want to restart it, but after reading a review from some “critique” website that really doesn’t critique, I just felt a little deflated in wanting to create anything. I know there are people that aren’t going to like what I do or the style I draw in, but sometimes I just wanna lay in bed and be non existent for a bit.

I have been going through mood swings and feelings of no one not really caring if I’m around or not the past few years and it’s not a really good feeling. I don’t want to think it’s depression, or worse, but it does feel like it. The pandemic isn’t helping the situation either.

I’m doing ok. To those that still come and visit the site and such. I’m trying to get back into making art prints and want to create stickers to sell and even some fan resin things. It’s going to take a bit because I have to put aside money to get the require tools to do so. I’ll start posting again. Regularly if I need to. If it keeps me from laying in bed all day.

I’ll try to start posting more again. Don’t even think people check out blogs anymore.

Anyway, if you’re here don’t forget to follow me on Twitch.

It’s been a long time since I blogged…

Yes I have slacked off in blogging the last two months… maybe more, but things seem to have slowed down for this time of the year. July had gone to my sister’s wedding which was a beautiful wedding up until the end of it where some drama had occurred. A month had past since that drama and when I went to talk to my parents again it seems like they didn’t want to let it go. Everyone seems to just say “what’s done is done you can’t changed what happened, just move on and deal with it,” but that is not the case with my mother. All I wanted to do was give my daughter her grandparents time to video chat and mother just wants to spew on about the drama that happened a month ago. And she use to say that I never let shit go. >.>

Anyway, September 25th Cataclysm came to an end when Mist of Pandaria was released and I busted my ass for 15 hours trying to catch up to the server 1st priest. Though I know I was about 4 hours behind the first priest but when I hit 88 and saw he was 89 I was like crap. I could make it by a hairline but I know I won’t and I feel like I did all this staying up for launch hour to try to make it to server first for nothing. I only knew of two people that rooted for me to make it and at least supported me in trying. Maybe three, but one of my longest friends said I wouldn’t, and that I couldn’t because I wasn’t known to be “hardcore.” 

Seriously if I can sit down at the computer for 4 hours + raiding and make it to raids I can do the grind. I’m not a lightweight when it comes to playing games. The only time when I can’t do it is when I start getting massive pains in my stomach (gallstone attacks) or major headaches that don’t go away after an hour after taking aspirin/tylenol. The thing that made me get behind on reaching server first 90 priest was cause the first part of the quests to Pandaria, where you fly and bomb the ships. After bombing the horde on the island, you have to bomb the ships. Oh the lack of visual on that part. You can’t zoom out so you can barely see the ship and what you are shooting at. You can’t group up with people to get that quest objective, if you do group you aren’t credited for it which is a bit an annoyance since it took me 30 mins to try to sink the ship. Oh and all you see is the insides of everyone else’s polygons. There was a spare moment every so often that you will see the ship and the barrel you have to shoot but when you do  you can’t hit the barrel cause someone else already hit it. That was such an annoying flaw. I’m sure there was no qualms or quarrels about this problem during beta because it went smoothly in beta. You don’t have hundreds of people trying for it at once. 

I did make it to 90 in the first couple of days so it was fine for me. So I spent a lot of time trying to get loremaster of pandaria achievement and then working on getting cooking done and all that jazz. I have to say I do like the MoP expansion, although most of my friends aren’t playing as much anymore cause they got disenchanted with Cataclysm. 

So after two weeks of that Resident Evil 6 was released and my husband got it for me and I’m like “ZOMG CHRIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS.” First campaign I played was Chris’. =p So with 5 chapters in each campaign about 1 hour each to play or more cause I was looking for emblems, I was able to finish all campaigns in about a week, so then I played it a second time around, need to do Ada’s campaign again but not too sure if I want to do it on Normal. 

I do like RE6. The controls though could’ve used some more polished and work, in my opinion, and after finishing Ada’s campaign the first time around there seems to be hints that they will make a 7th Resident Evil game. Just hints, though I am not positive on that. If so though I would like to see something with Claire in it. /shrug.

I have some reviews to post up but that will be in a different entry. 


#Life – My Baby Sister’s Wedding.

So another month has gone by and I only seem to have posted once. Well I have been busy doing other things that blogging seems to be taking a step back from priority. This weekend I am packing and getting ready to go to Connecticut and New York for my baby sister’s wedding. There is a possibility that I maybe livestreaming it for a few friends that seem to be curious as to why the wedding is going to cost so much. There is also the chance that I will be blogging about it as well, if my mother doesn’t have me running errands 24 hours a day each day of the wedding.

I also think this will be the last wedding my family will have since I do not forsee my brother and my other sister really deciding to get married any time soon. 

We will be on the road Saturday morning and getting there around Sunday afternoon. If all goes according to plan that is. To those that are wondering why would I live stream a wedding? Well because it’s not your typical Christian/American wedding. This is a Cambodian traditional wedding, and a lot of shit goes into it. It’s usually about 3-5 days long and OMG you barely get any rest time in between the ceremonies. 

Not sure how many will be interested but if you are I will post something up about going livestream on twitter, but if you are not then that’s fine I’ll just stream it up for the few friends that are. 

#Games – Consuming my life the past two months

After I had finished Orcs Must Die, I played Mass Effect 3. Of course I didn’t have a ME2 save so I got a shitty game play experience. Although not so shitty since I got the ending where Shepard lives. So to experience the game fully my husband bought me Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on the PC from Origin. Then I just remembered how my husband detest playing Mass Effect (ONE) because of the Mako mechanics. I was in for a slow long hard grind.

I started with Mass Effect (ONE) and just was like, “OMG it’s not as pretty as Mass Effect 3 but whatever just play through it! Just DO IT! Bear with the graphics that isn’t as awesome as it is now. Remember this was made five years ago.” So I stuck with it. Until I got to the first Mako mission, where I had to find Liara. My teeth never hurt so much after driving around in the Mako for an hour. Seriously, I was driving for an hour, critical mission failures three times at three different points. This is when I decided I hate the Mako. 80% of the game is driving this stupid vehicle. So much stress to drive this stupid thing. All I can think about is how the squadmates are dealing with riding in this thing. I mean it flips over turns upside down and sometimes stays upside down until you throttle the jet boosters. Takes forever to regen the barrier for the stupid thing. I would site for 10 mins waiting for the barriers shields to regenerate to full.

I went paragon on my first play-through of the game. Saved Wrex, saved Kirrahe, let Ashely die cause fucking hell I can’t stand Ashely’s attitude to aliens. It’s so racist, or I guess in this case so xenophobic. I wanted to punch her in the face everytime she says something about “this is an Alliance ship why have those aliens on it.” Boot to the head bitch! I guess it’s the same way when guys play this game and they let Kaiden die. I don’t know. So again, saved Wrex, saved Kirrahe, let Ashely die, romanced Kaiden, I was a bitch to Liara. Little pansy priss that can’t take a mind (raping) melding so easily.

Then I saved the Council.

Then it ends and I’m thinking wait doesn’t it save? Cause it didn’t. Again first time I played it so I don’t know what is to happen. So there started to play Mass Effect 2. I was able to import my Mass Effect file and yay the game starts. While I played the game and get deeper and deeper I was like fuck I hate this Jacob character. I mean totally hate him. The personality the character background and his angst against his father. DO NOT LIKE. SO TOTALLY LOATHE and the further along I play the game and a conversation comes up with this character I just want to punch him in the face if he was like physically real right in front of me, and then telling Tali to say hi to EDI the ships AI was like egging on a confrontation considering the Quarian’s past history with their own made AI the Geth. That was a douchebag move Jacob.

I can deal with Miranda, she had a bit of an attitude though, but I can deal with her. After the first mission first thing I did was get my buddy Garrus. HAHAHA! Cause in Mass Effect (one) I was a vanguard and my most used squadmates was Garrus and Wrex. Cause for some reason I never die with those two on my team. I tried Garrus and Kaiden but Kaiden freaking dies so much when I had him in the team. Then that caused me to die cause Kaiden was dead and not shooting shit. So got Garrus, then Mordin then Grunt (who’s so freaking adorable for a Krogan) and so on and so on. 

Went to Horizon met Kaiden, and boom he became a douche. So I was like “what the fuck Kaiden, we get to boom boom in my room and you think I was pretending to be dead all this time? Da FUQ! I’d put my boot in your face if this game would let me.” 

Then I went did the rest of the missions got more people, and then LOYALTY missions. Most so easy.  Also got DLC characters Zaeed and Kasumi so yeah, expand the storyline further. Well starting with Kasumi’s loyalty mission, only me and her as squadmates. Bummer, I gotta fight shit with just one other squad mate instead of the trinity. Of course gave me a new casual outfit. =D Shot a vase and made the crime boss mad! Whoops, let me take down all your guards and minions while I shoot my way to the helipad. At the end made Kasumi keep the data. 

Zaeeds mission, I guess either way you do it you get his loyalty. Hubby stopped to save the people which made Zaeed ex-partner escape and he had to save Zaeed from something that fell on him and pinned him down. I however did not save people, and let Zaeed get his revenge. He burned his ex-partner to death. Why have I seen that scene somewhere before?

Samara’s mission, not a lot of gun fight which is alright needed a break from pressing the trigger button so many times. Mornith dies which is fine because I didn’t seem to care too much for an Ardat Yakshi on the ship that can kill you by mind fucking you.

Thane’s mission, not a lot of gun fight either. Just a lot of sneaking around. It was kind of boring. Of course this leads the way into romancing Thane. Did not do that. 

Grunt’s mission fun, killed the thresher maw, turned Uvenk into meat.

Mordin’s mission, so… much… talking. Saved Genohpage cure data saved Maelon’s life.

Jack’s mission, watched and listened to all recordings, paragon interrupt and let her look around before she blew the place up.

Tali’s mission, saved her father’s reputation with a Paragon select. Although I am tempted to see the Renegade select, unless it’s the same. I’ll be doing that in my current Renegade playthrough. 

Jacob’s mission, urg, so boring so lame, so angsty. I am all up for angst and whatnot and I do care for the occasional emo persona (aka Cloud Strife, Sephiroth) but this character is just so lame to me. I have no care for him. I just tried to do it quickly as possible. My discussion with some of my friends on Jacob’s character came to the conclusion that Jacob is the typical black stereotype, of “daddy not being there” for them etc. I just think he was generally poorly made in character developement.

Miranda’s loyalty mission, was alright, a lot of shooting. My favorite part of the loyalty mission is the renegade interrupt where you shoot down the crates and it explodes. The look on one of the salarian’s face when his buddy came flying right past him to his death. You can see in the video below (not mine) at 1:45. I laugh at that look every time.

Garrus’s mission, paragon everything. Best part when Garrus headbutts Harkin after Shep prevents him from shooting him. “I didn’t shoot him.”  Video below at 2:55. =D After this you’re able to romance Garrus. Of course I did. Bing! So of course the whole romance Garrus thing because this awkward conversation and it’s so adorable to me. Although could do without the creep face smile from Fem Shep. 

Legions mission just right before the crew gets kidnapped by the Collectors. Easy, rewrote the heretics, Paragon it’s conflict with Tali and saved the day yet again.

Did the DLC Lair of the Shadow Broker, STILL do not like Liara. 

Collectors Base, everyone LIVES!  Destroyed base and on to Mass Effect 3, and this time with a better storyline than the default. 

Although when Kaiden asked in the hospital if there was something between Garrus and my Shep I was thinking, “you know back on Horizon you were a dick, what the fuck yo.”

Choice to re-romance Kaiden or Garrus, I chose Garrus, cause Kaiden you fucked it up in ME2. Eat my foot.

Paragon most everything, and this Kai Leng character seems useless to me. I was then told that he was suppose to be the antagonist to Shepard. I think the Reapers are antagonist enough along with the Illusive Man and Cerberus, and why a freaking ninja? Did the Bioware empolyees at character development watch too much Narutard or something to make Kai Leng a freaking ninja? Seriously. NINJA? /SMH

So with all that done with all surviving characters form ME2 I was happy with the storyline in ME3, unlike when I played it the first time and got a boring generically defaulted storyline from where you didn’t play ME and ME2. 

Yeah so this is what was taking up my life for the last two months, and why I haven’t blogged much because of it. Then I played it on the 360 because I wants my 360 Achievements. HAhaha.

Then Diablo 3 was released and so that is to be left for the next blog post.