Long time no see.

So it’s been probably two years since the last update and I’ve just don’t know what to write about. Usually I’m reviewing makeup and games that I’ve played during that time, but I felt I’ve neglected this blog/site for so long that there wasn’t anything to update about. Since 2014 I started streaming on Twitch, and it’s what I’ve been concentrating on mostly since. I ever so often thought back to my webcomic and how I want to restart it, but after reading a review from some “critique” website that really doesn’t critique, I just felt a little deflated in wanting to create anything. I know there are people that aren’t going to like what I do or the style I draw in, but sometimes I just wanna lay in bed and be non existent for a bit.

I have been going through mood swings and feelings of no one not really caring if I’m around or not the past few years and it’s not a really good feeling. I don’t want to think it’s depression, or worse, but it does feel like it. The pandemic isn’t helping the situation either.

I’m doing ok. To those that still come and visit the site and such. I’m trying to get back into making art prints and want to create stickers to sell and even some fan resin things. It’s going to take a bit because I have to put aside money to get the require tools to do so. I’ll start posting again. Regularly if I need to. If it keeps me from laying in bed all day.

I’ll try to start posting more again. Don’t even think people check out blogs anymore.

Anyway, if you’re here don’t forget to follow me on Twitch.