It’s been a long time since I blogged…

Yes I have slacked off in blogging the last two months… maybe more, but things seem to have slowed down for this time of the year. July had gone to my sister’s wedding which was a beautiful wedding up until the end of it where some drama had occurred. A month had past since that drama and when I went to talk to my parents again it seems like they didn’t want to let it go. Everyone seems to just say “what’s done is done you can’t changed what happened, just move on and deal with it,” but that is not the case with my mother. All I wanted to do was give my daughter her grandparents time to video chat and mother just wants to spew on about the drama that happened a month ago. And she use to say that I never let shit go. >.>

Anyway, September 25th Cataclysm came to an end when Mist of Pandaria was released and I busted my ass for 15 hours trying to catch up to the server 1st priest. Though I know I was about 4 hours behind the first priest but when I hit 88 and saw he was 89 I was like crap. I could make it by a hairline but I know I won’t and I feel like I did all this staying up for launch hour to try to make it to server first for nothing. I only knew of two people that rooted for me to make it and at least supported me in trying. Maybe three, but one of my longest friends said I wouldn’t, and that I couldn’t because I wasn’t known to be “hardcore.” 

Seriously if I can sit down at the computer for 4 hours + raiding and make it to raids I can do the grind. I’m not a lightweight when it comes to playing games. The only time when I can’t do it is when I start getting massive pains in my stomach (gallstone attacks) or major headaches that don’t go away after an hour after taking aspirin/tylenol. The thing that made me get behind on reaching server first 90 priest was cause the first part of the quests to Pandaria, where you fly and bomb the ships. After bombing the horde on the island, you have to bomb the ships. Oh the lack of visual on that part. You can’t zoom out so you can barely see the ship and what you are shooting at. You can’t group up with people to get that quest objective, if you do group you aren’t credited for it which is a bit an annoyance since it took me 30 mins to try to sink the ship. Oh and all you see is the insides of everyone else’s polygons. There was a spare moment every so often that you will see the ship and the barrel you have to shoot but when you do  you can’t hit the barrel cause someone else already hit it. That was such an annoying flaw. I’m sure there was no qualms or quarrels about this problem during beta because it went smoothly in beta. You don’t have hundreds of people trying for it at once. 

I did make it to 90 in the first couple of days so it was fine for me. So I spent a lot of time trying to get loremaster of pandaria achievement and then working on getting cooking done and all that jazz. I have to say I do like the MoP expansion, although most of my friends aren’t playing as much anymore cause they got disenchanted with Cataclysm. 

So after two weeks of that Resident Evil 6 was released and my husband got it for me and I’m like “ZOMG CHRIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS.” First campaign I played was Chris’. =p So with 5 chapters in each campaign about 1 hour each to play or more cause I was looking for emblems, I was able to finish all campaigns in about a week, so then I played it a second time around, need to do Ada’s campaign again but not too sure if I want to do it on Normal. 

I do like RE6. The controls though could’ve used some more polished and work, in my opinion, and after finishing Ada’s campaign the first time around there seems to be hints that they will make a 7th Resident Evil game. Just hints, though I am not positive on that. If so though I would like to see something with Claire in it. /shrug.

I have some reviews to post up but that will be in a different entry.