BlizzCon 2014

It was announced that BlizzCon 2014 will be November 7-8. This means I can’t do FANDom Con in Destin. Sad but well BlizzCon has always been priority to other conventions considering it’s the one time of the year that we (my husband and I) can be on “vacation.” It’s alright though, I love BlizzCon and nothing would stop me from going again. Well not getting tickets would mean we can’t go. They are doing a different ticketing system this year. It’s not going to be done through the Blizzard Store this year for some reason, they’re using Eventbrite. Which I am very worried about because can the Eventbrite server handle the many pings it’s going to receive the moment those tickets go on sale? Will it be a catastrophe like 2008 ticket sales where the server goes down every 2 minutes trying to process the amount of requests for tickets orders it’s going to get? I’m not sure how Eventbrite’s server is going to handle these ticket sales and there is no queue time on Eventbrite, I don’t think. So if you don’t get it withing the first 30 seconds the moment the tickets go on sale you don’t get it at all.

This is going to be a bit nerve wrecking. We shall see when the time comes for ticket sales. So it’s not written in stone yet that we will be going to BlizzCon. Though I have made preparations on hotel rooms just in case.