#Life – My Baby Sister’s Wedding.

So another month has gone by and I only seem to have posted once. Well I have been busy doing other things that blogging seems to be taking a step back from priority. This weekend I am packing and getting ready to go to Connecticut and New York for my baby sister’s wedding. There is a possibility that I maybe livestreaming it for a few friends that seem to be curious as to why the wedding is going to cost so much. There is also the chance that I will be blogging about it as well, if my mother doesn’t have me running errands 24 hours a day each day of the wedding.

I also think this will be the last wedding my family will have since I do not forsee my brother and my other sister really deciding to get married any time soon. 

We will be on the road Saturday morning and getting there around Sunday afternoon. If all goes according to plan that is. To those that are wondering why would I live stream a wedding? Well because it’s not your typical Christian/American wedding. This is a Cambodian traditional wedding, and a lot of shit goes into it. It’s usually about 3-5 days long and OMG you barely get any rest time in between the ceremonies. 

Not sure how many will be interested but if you are I will post something up about going livestream on twitter, but if you are not then that’s fine I’ll just stream it up for the few friends that are.