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FreeCon 10. Year of the ChronoMancers.

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So this year FreeCon was a big improvement from the Vendor/Artist view. There was a decent selection of vendors this year. I didn’t get to see the vendors last year because the vendors room was extremely packed. Artist Alley was mixed in with the Vendor room and it was very open and more comfortable than last year. Though all the time we were in the AA we could have had power if we had just asked. That was our fault entirely. Something to remember to do next year. “Ask a con staff for a power supply for the table ASAP.” Hahah. I enjoyed it I had fun. I did make sell some stuff which is always good, though it being Easter weekend and the rain didn’t help much I wasn’t going to expect a HUGE sale. Though Saturday the room was extremely packed and busy. I had fun though. My friends from AA last year attended again this year and it was just great to see them again. I had a good time this year. I enjoyed myself.

FreeCon apparently got a huge attendance last year said around 500 or 1500 I couldn’t hear very well because people were setting up the last day and it was a bit loud, but it was a lot and so the University gave the student anime club the use of the ballroom to accommodate the attendance.

Also made some new buddies in the Artist Alley area and kind of warned a few of them to steer clear of one particular convention. Because of my experience with them and other’s that have told me their bad experiences with the convention. Seriously the staff from the last convention I went to was laughing at FreeCon during their rave after party on the first day and yet they couldn’t pull the attendance that FreeCon has pulled the last two years put together for their two day convention. And much more organized. Yeah FreeCon is run by college students who changes out their staff almost every year, and it’s still more organized than that convention I went to in January. So why laugh?

Oy that last bit there was a rant because I’m still a bit frustrated over the ordeal I had to go through for that particular convention. FreeCon was a smooth process. Nothing complicated and I intend to attend FreeCon again next year.

Also to the FreeCon Conchair Tony, you and your staff/students/friends did an amazing job. Even though I know in the back end you guys were freaking out you still handle the convention with the utmost profession, and communications with you guys and the AA and Vendors was great. Keep up the good work. I hope the next conchair after you would continue to make FreeCon a great event for the University.

Updated main site.

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So my husband did me the favor of updating my website, to a theme that will work with what I am planning on doing. I guess I do need to make a quick update. A long awaited updated. I’m going to be at #FreeCon this weekend. Hooray! Selling prints and perler bead artwork. Which I am now seemingly obsessed with. If you’re going to be at FreeCon feel free to stop by my table and take a look at what I got or buy something and support this artist. =D

Eventually this site will be much better looking in the months to come.


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I posted this on Decimated Eden.com so I am also going to post it here.

I know I had made promises to get pages up by now though it’s been a long few months. November to December was the holidays and well not much time spent on doing artwork though I did force myself to get something done so that I will have something to sell at <a href=”http://www.destinationanime.com”>Destination Anime</a> which was in January. I didn’t sell much as much as I saw a lot of foot traffic, but then again I didn’t have an awesome display to let anyone know what I was selling or doing. So it was a slow start for my first Artist Alley. I did get two commissions on the last day and a sale or two. Not much sold. I also did make some new friends.

<a href=”http://musetap.deviantart.com/”>Musetap Studio’s</a> artist brother Josh was there selling prints of the two artist Will Woods and Tyrine Carver. Last day I had bought some prints myself. Did get some tips and pointers from Josh on how to prepare for the next AA I will be at. He’s a real nice guy.

Then there was this mini top hat lady named Aimee. She makes <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/3aartistries”>cute little top hats</a> and of course most foot traffic I saw was people purchasing her hats. Have to check them out. She is also super nice.

I did catch a cold or the flu bug after the convention was over. So for three weeks I was bed ridden and so tired of being sick. I tried my best to get art work done and continue with the commission but I was hurting so much just by sitting at my desk. So I am behind on commission work.

I have been working on more artwork to make prints out of for the next convention. I will be at <a href=”http://www.tallahasseeanime.com/freecon/”>FreeCon9</a> in Tallahassee at the FSU campus. The event is free for anyone that wants to go, though I as the artist and the other vendors have to pay for our tables. =o So that is coming in April and I am pushing myself to get some work pulled out so I can get stickers and buttons made and prints printed.

After FreeCon9 I will be heading to Alabama in at the end of May for <a href=”http://hama-con.com/”>Hama-con</a>. I have to make my hotel reservations next month for that one. So catch me there if you are going to be there.

Then trying see if I can hit Anime Weekend Atlanta in September. Just waiting for the Artist Alley registration to open for that.

I did try to apply for Florida Anime Experience in Orlando and Hoshicon in North Carolina but I was turned down for the Artist Alley so that’s a bit of a bust. It’s ok it’ll give me more time to get some new artwork ready.

Hubby is pulling together at least $300 bucks for me to get some prints and what nots ready for next month. If I need more maybe he’ll give it to me, but going to do the $300 budget at the moment. I think I can get 5 images of prints for that and then some bookmarks and buttons made.

I’d love to get stickers made, but not too sure.
I could start up a kickstarter to raise the money to get my stuff done, but I don’t even know how many people will support the cause. I could at least try I suppose.

Also Blizzcon 2013 is in November 5-6 this year. So gotta save money for that. Cause the hubby and I always try to make it to Blizzcon.

That’s the news for now. I’ll have to update the comic soon.


#Haul – Sephora Danbury, CT

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Alright I don’t know if I could consider this a haul more like a tiny mini haul because I was on a budget. Although I knew I wouldn’t get much for $80 bucks, but I was allowed to squee in delight and roam around the Sephora in Danbury, CT because my husband and I spent almost an hour in the Apple Store in the Danbury Fair Mall. This was because of the bank locking my husband’s card considering that he was purchasing a $3000 laptop and we were not in our hometown, so we had to spend like 30 minutes in the Apple store on the phone trying to sort that out.

So I purchased four items. Tokidoki makeup palette in orange, which I got for my daughter. This would keep her out of my makeup box. She barely puts on makeup and when she does it’s just so she can take pictures of herself with her 3DS and always at home. Save for special occasions like my little sister’s wedding. Got myself an Urband Decay eye primer after hearing great reviews about this product and the other eye primers I’ve tried doesn’t seem to be as great as the Urban Decay. 

I bought Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Tickle Me, because I got a sample of the Too Faced Glamour Gloss and Too Faced Nude Lip Liner from the BeautyLish Beauty Social last year and I loved the product. So I decided to get it in a different color. It’s a lip plumper as well as a gloss though I feel a tingle with this gloss I’m not too sure if it plumps or not I haven’t done before or after pictures to decide if it’s worth it for temporary plumping.

The last product I bought is the Brush guard. Now I have a lot of brush guards that I purchase from eBay but I saw these and wanted to try them out. I knew the brush guards from eBay aren’t as thick as these are and just seem to be just a mesh cylinder. It’s hard to use for drying brushes in a cup because the mesh doesn’t stand up and it’s not as stiff, but it is good to for keeping the brushes shape.

This come out to $60 so I was happy with what I got for the moment. I looked up the closest Sephora from where I live and it’s about 2 hours away so my husband has said that maybe this Christmas he’ll give me a little it of money to go on a spree as a Christmas gift. =D Although I shall see when the time comes. I wish there was a Sephora closer by to where I live.