#Gaming – Orcs Must Die / Mass Effect 3

A while ago I finally fixed my video card problem and with that  done I decided to take up the free game offer that came with the video card. The game was Orcs Must Die. Of course I thought it was another boring game and then when I downloaded it from Steam and started playing it the one game that came across my mind was Plants vs Zombies. This was almost like that. However it was in a 3D  environment and it was much more challenging to play. I ended up loving this game after the first three levels, then when I got to the harder levels I was thinking to myself, “holy fuck I’m not going to beat this level, it’s too hard!” 

Took a little practice and restarts to be able to get through the levels, of course I had to make sure I used the correct traps so that I would have the advantage. I’ve already bought one DLC and may buy the other two DLC later on. I just wished I had known about this game sooner than months and months later after it was released. I’m sure my husband was a bit annoyed that I spent a lot of my time the past week playing this game, but it’s almost addicting. I also like the theme song when the start of the orcs raid on the dungeons to the portal. So I do love this game. I’m actually glad I got it for free, compliments from my XFXForce.com video card.

So my husband got Mass Effect 3 on the release week of the game. Since he played the first two he had to get the third. He spent the whole probably two weeks playing this game and then was upset that he imploded the Milky Way galaxy cause that was what his ending was. So he then spent a couple of weeks playing through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 so he could get a better ending in Mass Effect 3. This past weekend he’s been on ME3 trying to do all quests he could. I’ve just been sitting back and watching him play. Then ask questions on why this and this and this happened.

Monday was our 7 year  anniversary and I think he got annoyed with me asking him questions and then bought me Mass Effect 3 on EA Origin. Although the truth was he wanted to do Mutliplayer so he can get his military readiness higher so he could get a good ending. Of course he just recently found out that you cant multiplay cross platform so I guess that  won’t work out, but I guess it just made him happy that I started playing the game and didn’t stop til 2 am when he got it for me. Can’t stay I don’t like the game or say that I like it either, but the elements of a Shooter RPG is different. The  first shooter RPG I think I’ve played, Parasite Eve. Then the improvement on Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus. 

So that is what I’ve been doing  this past month. Also I  started a new art piece. =o

Resident Evil: THe Mercenaries 3D

So the past few weeks I’ve been playing Resident Evil the Mercenaries on my 3DS, which is probably one of the cause of my procrastination on projects I’ve been trying to work on. I’ve gotten the 3DS about a couple of months ago and have to say it’s probably my favorite handheld system I’ve owned now. The only thing that I dislike about it is that the 3DS price drop that’s happening in a couple of weeks. This kinda makes me mad but then again we can afford to buy my daughter her own 3DS when it comes time to that. All the other DS has been foiled by her little hands. The place where you insert the game cartridges don’t work anymore due to pins being bent out of shape so it doesn’t connect with the cards conductor fields. Those DS have seen a good long life span though and has worked for all the time we’ve owned it until a few weeks ago. She has been careful with our 3DS lately so maybe we’ll consider getting one for her at a later time.

Anyway, my view on Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is this, quite different than normal Resident Evil games. Although I haven’t played any of the newer Resident Evil since after Code Veronica X, but I do try to follow the series as much as possible. If I’m a fan I should keep up on the series info right? Although after playing this I have been debating on getting the other RE games to just play. So if I read right (from the review sources and wikis) RETM3D is like mercernary mode in RE5, which I’ve not played so can’t take my word on that. The thing that irked me about this game is that after you finish a level it doesn’t automatically takes you to the next level after you clear it. No, you have to go to the level’s list and choose the level you want to do. VERY ANNOYING. Honestly I can understand that if you’ve not cleared a level you stay on that level until you clear but if you have cleared it you have to go into the level menu and choose the level you want to move on to next. I didn’t like that, but I dealt with it.

You get three default characters which are Jill Valentine, HUNK, and Chris Redfield. I’ve played with Chris most of the time (Redfield fangirl) and the other characters are unlockable Claire being the easiest or one of the first to be unlocked. In order to clear a mission you have to get B rank or higher. Ranks goes in order form highest to lowest. SS, S, A, B, C, D. The ranks SS, S, A and B, will give you a star in your map level showing that you’ve cleared this level and can move on to the next level or unlock hidden levels. You fail a mission if you run out of time before you kill a major boss, or if you die. You gain points by the amount time you have left after a major boss level, or you get high combo points. I think my highest combo points was 150. I’m sure there’s higher but that was my highest I believe to have gotten.

Once you unlock characters and have completed all 5 mission levels you are able to use each characters weapons. At least that’s what I’ve read. I’ve cheated and unlocked the characters weapon swap with play coins. I guess it’s cheating but is it really if you’re allowed to do that? Yeah, I learned about unlocking the character weapon swap when I was stuck on 3-5 trying to kill the B.O.W and failing miserably. That’s when I learn of the magic play coins! So for the past few weeks Chris has been running around with Jills or Rebecca’s weapons config. I wish that we were able to custom pick our favorite weapon into the weapon slot though. That would be great. Machine gun, magnum, and shotguns! Haha.

There is DUO mode where you can play with other players to complete very difficult stages you couldn’t possibly think of doing yourself. This is how I finished my first round in the game to get the end credits and unlock the EX level. The EX level just gave me a headache at times but I enjoyed running around like a headless chicken trying to get familiarized with the maps. The characters have two sets of outfits. Their default outfits which you play with from the start and the alternate outfits which may give more stat boost or less stat boost depending on the character and their outfits. These outfits are unlocked by getting certain ranks on level maps or getting medals.

Medals are like achievements, and some are hard to get than others. There’s 50 medals to get and some medals unlock skills that can be used to customize your characters ability to survive in the game. Skills have enhancements on what your character can do. Some skills can be equipped to boost abilities of herbs to heal your character some boost your weapon’s attack damage or handling abilities. Some skills if level up to it’s max will have hidden abilities that helps out the character, and then may unlock other skills that can be used. The skills have 3 levels and you get skill points after finishing a level map. If you die during a level map mission you get no skills. Sucks yeah, but that is how the game works.

The game play you can choose it to be OTS (over the shoulder) or FPS (First Person Shooter) mode. I prefer the OTS mode cause I’m not a big fan of the FPS mode thing. Unless it’s CoD. I’ve played this game a few hours on end and mostly in my bed during the nights where I can’t sleep, like probably tonight after I post this up I will open up my 3Ds and play the game again. I’ve played most of the game up until level 4-4 solo, and then learned about Duo mode can help you unlock levels as well so I played the rest of the levels in DUO mode, some repeating the old levels just to get a higher score. It took a while to do considering that I have to go through over 50 DUO modes to unlock the EX level.

The EX level were a bit challenging considering I got paired up with people that stupidly walk in front of executioners, garradors and crazy maijni’s with chain saws, but there were players that wanted to try to get the clear so they can move on to the next level and that was a pleasurable experience. The only downfall with the DUO mode is that there’s barely no way you can communicate with your partner except with the in-game emotes like whistling and the occasional “thank you” for saving their asses when they’re in a pickle. There has been a couple of times that I was paired up with some people that liked to grief you in the game. They equip their characters with the rocket launcher or the grenade launcher and try to seek you out and kill you purposely. Obviously I think this is the flaw in the game, cause you can’t take damage by your partner’s bullets but you can take damage by their launchers. It’s a very terrible thing but I guess the developers wanted it to be that way. I’m sure the people that does the “griefing” thinks that it’s funny and have nothing else to do with their gaming time but ruin some people’s fun. Things like that makes the game less enjoyable, but here is hoping there’s less of these assholes out there and more gamers that like to see a level get completed.

My experience with this game I enjoyed it very much, I have continuously played this game almost day in and day out and my goal is to get all skill and all medals. So far I’ve got 13 medals to get and about 10 more skills to unlock. It’s a stress reliever to me so when I’m stress out, it’s most likely once everyday, I’ll turn on my 3DS and kill zombies.

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Review

Starts off with Jiminey Cricket finding a mysterious message in his journal that he use to keep log of the journey and adventures that occured during the Kingdom Heart series. Then you are controlling the Sora inside the journal, because apparently journals are digital and contains ones and zeroes and some sixes and twos. Well Mickey and friends actually created a computer to analyze the journals data and entered the journal universe. They come to find that the journal is infected with bugs. The same type of bugs that would impede you progress on your computer only they come in the form of blox (blocks). Suffice to say that the opening to the story’s game was getting a bit, well not the usual story telling you would expect from Disney.

After a week of playing this game pushed 30 hours playtime into the story. I’ve tweeted that I would be disappointed if I finish this game in under 50 hours playtime and I was, but I played through the game without going back to do any side quests or extras. The only extras I’ve done is getting the world cards in Castle Oblivion and even that stage of the game it was just quite boring.

I love the Kingdom Hearts series, I do. I’ve played the first one, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, 358/2 Days. I haven’t gotten my hands on Birth by Sleep yet but eventually I will. KH:Recoded was a birthday present and I was psyched to get it. I started playing and it had all the basic elements that I expected from the KH series. Then I came upon the side scrolling battle of Traverse Town. I wasn’t so keen on this feature, and it didn’t seem to fit with the game in all honesty. I feel that this game could’ve done without the side scrolling battle. Same feeling goes for the Wonderland’s shooting battle, and the emulation of turn based system at the Olympic Colosseum. I don’t particularly like how these was added into the game.

Leveling up isn’t that bad, although you can alter your stats by using the Stat Matrix, where you use “Chips” (in which you get by leveling or can buy with SP from System Sector zones.) This reminded me of Final Fantasy X where you have to use the grid map to go down a tree or try to fill it all up to better improve your character. Not a bad feature although you can unlock extra CPU boards and connect the two CPU to double any stats in those chip slots. I’ve just used them to double up my levels and HP and any stat chips that are +3 and up.

System Sectors zones are backdoor zones that are infected with viruses or more bugs and heartless. During the beginning stages they’re easy to overcome until somewhere in the middle of the Wonderland zone you have to complete challenges depending on the number of floors in the sector. Most of the challenges are easy while the hardest ones I’ve found are the zones (after finishing the game, saving and reloading) are the ones that require level 50-70. I guess the System Sector is the only thing I was pleased with about the game. Kept me playing when I got bored.

The Castle Oblivion stage was revisiting Chains of Memories, however it’s buggy as well. This is where I spent some time trying to get all the World Cards to get the extra ending sequence. Hallow Bastion is basically kicking my ass right now so after one hour of trying to get all three cards I just settled with one and finished the game. The boss fight in CO is almost like a joke, and I was doing this at level 50.

Again 30 hours playtime just going through the storyline, doesn’t seem satisfying to me. I’ve played other button mashing RPG games that the storyline would get me over 50 hours playtime. I can add more hours to the playtime and go back and do the extras. It’s something to do on downtimes and while I wait for my daughter’s school bus to arrive at the bus stop.

#WoW @ Raid Ready – BladeStorm

The guys at RaidReady has released another video today. I can’t say much about it though, it was a cold day when they filmed this it still boggles me how Floridians are out without coats and jackets during this time of year. But check it out, retweet pass it along.

#Wow Harmony

The guys at RaidReady has released a new video and I being their pimpster decided to post this up against every fiber of my being. Only cause I’m in it and I do not like the way I look. I actually was against doing this in the first place but since I love my husband dearly and support him in everything he does I went along with it. This was filmed the same day “Rogue Complex” was filmed. One in many series of videos that my husband and his cohorts have planned up in taking over the World… of Warcraft.