#Gaming – Orcs Must Die / Mass Effect 3

A while ago I finally fixed my video card problem and with that  done I decided to take up the free game offer that came with the video card. The game was Orcs Must Die. Of course I thought it was another boring game and then when I downloaded it from Steam and started playing it the one game that came across my mind was Plants vs Zombies. This was almost like that. However it was in a 3D  environment and it was much more challenging to play. I ended up loving this game after the first three levels, then when I got to the harder levels I was thinking to myself, “holy fuck I’m not going to beat this level, it’s too hard!” 

Took a little practice and restarts to be able to get through the levels, of course I had to make sure I used the correct traps so that I would have the advantage. I’ve already bought one DLC and may buy the other two DLC later on. I just wished I had known about this game sooner than months and months later after it was released. I’m sure my husband was a bit annoyed that I spent a lot of my time the past week playing this game, but it’s almost addicting. I also like the theme song when the start of the orcs raid on the dungeons to the portal. So I do love this game. I’m actually glad I got it for free, compliments from my XFXForce.com video card.

So my husband got Mass Effect 3 on the release week of the game. Since he played the first two he had to get the third. He spent the whole probably two weeks playing this game and then was upset that he imploded the Milky Way galaxy cause that was what his ending was. So he then spent a couple of weeks playing through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 so he could get a better ending in Mass Effect 3. This past weekend he’s been on ME3 trying to do all quests he could. I’ve just been sitting back and watching him play. Then ask questions on why this and this and this happened.

Monday was our 7 year  anniversary and I think he got annoyed with me asking him questions and then bought me Mass Effect 3 on EA Origin. Although the truth was he wanted to do Mutliplayer so he can get his military readiness higher so he could get a good ending. Of course he just recently found out that you cant multiplay cross platform so I guess that  won’t work out, but I guess it just made him happy that I started playing the game and didn’t stop til 2 am when he got it for me. Can’t stay I don’t like the game or say that I like it either, but the elements of a Shooter RPG is different. The  first shooter RPG I think I’ve played, Parasite Eve. Then the improvement on Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus. 

So that is what I’ve been doing  this past month. Also I  started a new art piece. =o