#WoW @ Raid Ready – BladeStorm

The guys at RaidReady has released another video today. I can’t say much about it though, it was a cold day when they filmed this it still boggles me how Floridians are out without coats and jackets during this time of year. But check it out, retweet pass it along.

#Wow Harmony

The guys at RaidReady has released a new video and I being their pimpster decided to post this up against every fiber of my being. Only cause I’m in it and I do not like the way I look. I actually was against doing this in the first place but since I love my husband dearly and support him in everything he does I went along with it. This was filmed the same day “Rogue Complex” was filmed. One in many series of videos that my husband and his cohorts have planned up in taking over the World… of Warcraft.

Rogue Complex

This is a project that my husband has been working on since the Karazhan days. So it’s just finally taking root and he’s pre launched his site based on it. Right now things are not set up correctly on the site so he’s waiting for some feeds to be fixed before he actually launches. So the prelaunch is to show what has been done so far an for you wow gamers to anticipate it’s release. So if you are interested just go to Raid Ready and sign up for the newsletter where you will receive email when the site will offically be launched.