Sleepless nights because of the Slender Man

Last  week, my husband was watching some YouTube reaction videos to the game Slender. To those that know what  Slender is, good for you, to those that don’t, CLICK HEREHERE and HERE  learn more about it. Also the birthplace of  Slender Man is here at Something Awful. So after watching the reaction videos he got into watching the MarbleHornets videos which is the series based off SlenderMan, and well I couldn’t sleep well last week because of watching those videos with my husband (and some by myself) so well I was freaked out. At one more my husband had goosebumps watching the videos.

I know the whole Slender Man is all fiction that came out of someone’s imaginative mind but well the though of “what ifs” tends to linger after watching things like that. Then it ends  up being funny because of one video, and that is the video where someone unlocks “20 Dollar” mode in Slender. Because of  that video I’ve been spontaneously singing “Gimme 20 dollars” last week as well. 

After watching some reaction video to gameplays of Slender I decided I’m going to try. My husband got all excited and when he saw that I downloaded the game and was getting ready to play it he turned off all the lights and the tv because he wanted me to have the “experience.” Regardless the first time playing it I only got 2 or 3 pages and I didn’t see Slender Man but I did get static across the screen and I made  the character run like hell away from Slender. Then like 10  mins of playing my flashlight didn’t work, even though I was told  you never run out of batteries in the game but there was no light source after a while. Also 10 mins of running around in circles only to have 2-3 pages I gave up on the first  try. Slender didn’t get me but I was still freaked out.

Second gameplay through with the lights on and people in the room, this includes my daughter, went well ok. I tried to record the reaction video but the gameplay video didn’t get recorded, so I just popped in the system audio into my recorded webcam video. Here it is:

I can’t say this  is much of a review or not because I didn’t finish the game nor don’t know if I ever will. Even playing the game in the day time I still get freaked out, and it’s because of how this game was made. It’s terribly good at making sure you are  looking over your shoulder. What is worse is that the first time playing this game at night about 3-4 hours later when I’m trying to sleep there was a major thunderstorm. Woke me up scared  the crap out of me and I looked around in the dark at all corners of my bedroom making sure there wasn’t any suspicious shadows. 

I’m starting to kick myself in the ass for even watching the videos and playing the game, but I want to know what happens in the videos and want to unlock the other modes in the game. So glutton for punishment it is.

Kingdom Hearts 3D

So after getting paid the beginning of this month my husband got this game for me because I kept nagging him about how it was the reason why I got the 3DS. Well one of the reasons at least. 

The game continues from Kingdom Hearts II, and after getting past the tutorial parts of the game I got into it, then it came to the spirit pets part of the game. After getting throught THAT tutorial and playing a day through the games getting past three stages I have come to the conclusion that the game is a glorified pokemon game. Not that there’s anything wrong with Pokemon, just saying that it’s pretty much Pokemon coated in bright colors and sprinkled with fairy dust. 

I do like the game play and the added features, although I feel that I spend over and hour leveling up the spirit pets and getting their abilities from their spell tiers. Often times I go back to previous stages and fight monsters in order to get munny and materials to make new spirit pets and also trying to get 100% treasures in each stage.

I’m not sure how far I am into the game yet but I got seven stages done so far, and I’m playing in the hardest mode available for a fresh newly bought game (proud mode.) I have played the other games in the series, and I do love the series, but it seems to have strayed far from the story and it feels like Square and Disney just decided to put random story arcs in to make it make sense to how the Keyblades and Keymasters came to existence. As much as I love this game series sometimes I feel that story arcs aren’t necessary, it makes it more confusing to explain to someone that has never played the series through. 

Anyway game play in the KH3D game is pretty much the same mechanics as the first two, 367 Days and RE:Coded. However added elements are in the game such as Flowmotion, Spirit Linking and Dream Dropping (hence Dream Drop Distance title, obviously.) Since Sora and Riku are actually in a dream for their trial to become the Keyblade Master, only you can play with either Sora or Riku at a time. You start the game playing Sora so once Sora falls asleep Riku wakes up and comes into play. 

I’m not sure how to explain the Dropping very well and I don’t think I’m going to try. I did like the Flowmotion Element in the game which gives and extra ability to fight your enemies or use the environment around you to defeat your enemies. It seems hard for me to get to the pole Flowmotion where as getting the Blow Off Flowmotion with hughe enemies and pushing off the wall Flowmotion seem much easier. I tend to forget about getting the Mario ground slam Flowmotion alot as well.

There is the Spirit link element in the game which is like the Trinity ability in the KH and KH2, however the Spirit Link ability are different for Sora and Riku. Sora’s Spirit Link abilities tend to have the Trinity Effect, Riku’s Spirit Link is him merging with the spirits gain strength, and this is only for a limited of time. The spirit link abilities combination are dependent on the type of spirits you are using at the time and what special attack those spirit will have (benefit for Riku.)

Another thing about the Spirit pets is that you can train them with the items, Balloon and Water Barrel. There Treasure Goggle items help you find treasure with the spirits which utilitize the 3DS camera. You can feed them with food you find or pick up from drops or buy in stores, as well as customize the spirits with a paint gun.

So far I’m seven stages in and continuing to get through this game by getting all the Spirits and training them on every tier they have. Maybe there will be an update when I have completed the game. =D

#Haul – Sephora Danbury, CT

Alright I don’t know if I could consider this a haul more like a tiny mini haul because I was on a budget. Although I knew I wouldn’t get much for $80 bucks, but I was allowed to squee in delight and roam around the Sephora in Danbury, CT because my husband and I spent almost an hour in the Apple Store in the Danbury Fair Mall. This was because of the bank locking my husband’s card considering that he was purchasing a $3000 laptop and we were not in our hometown, so we had to spend like 30 minutes in the Apple store on the phone trying to sort that out.

So I purchased four items. Tokidoki makeup palette in orange, which I got for my daughter. This would keep her out of my makeup box. She barely puts on makeup and when she does it’s just so she can take pictures of herself with her 3DS and always at home. Save for special occasions like my little sister’s wedding. Got myself an Urband Decay eye primer after hearing great reviews about this product and the other eye primers I’ve tried doesn’t seem to be as great as the Urban Decay. 

I bought Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Tickle Me, because I got a sample of the Too Faced Glamour Gloss and Too Faced Nude Lip Liner from the BeautyLish Beauty Social last year and I loved the product. So I decided to get it in a different color. It’s a lip plumper as well as a gloss though I feel a tingle with this gloss I’m not too sure if it plumps or not I haven’t done before or after pictures to decide if it’s worth it for temporary plumping.

The last product I bought is the Brush guard. Now I have a lot of brush guards that I purchase from eBay but I saw these and wanted to try them out. I knew the brush guards from eBay aren’t as thick as these are and just seem to be just a mesh cylinder. It’s hard to use for drying brushes in a cup because the mesh doesn’t stand up and it’s not as stiff, but it is good to for keeping the brushes shape.

This come out to $60 so I was happy with what I got for the moment. I looked up the closest Sephora from where I live and it’s about 2 hours away so my husband has said that maybe this Christmas he’ll give me a little it of money to go on a spree as a Christmas gift. =D Although I shall see when the time comes. I wish there was a Sephora closer by to where I live.

#Beauty – @myglam July 2012 Bag

Got my July MyGlam bag while I was in CT. I haven’t posted about my May and my June bag of course that was me procrastinating. I probably should post something about those glambags as well. This months glambag had these following products to try out.

I was excited to hear that Buxom was part of this month’s glambag, and it was getting Buxom or getting Josie Marin Lip or Cheek stain. I was ecstatic that I got Buxom, because I was at Sephora in Danbury, CT and I was looking at these Buxom lipglosses for a while but then decided to buy Too Faced Glamour Gloss. Now that I got this sample and have tried it out I’m definitely going to purchase this when I get a chance to.

The got Andrea’s Choice Circus Nail Color in Yellow. Not sure what I would do with Yellow but I think I might be able to do some matching with the Essie Orange Nail Color I got from Klout Perks. 

I have tired the Yes to Cucumbers before I got this in the bag. I purchased a travel size just like the one in the bag just before I went to visit my family in CT, and have been using that all the past two weeks. It’s a very soothing makeup remover and I wouldn’t mind buying a full size of these if I could find it at Target again. Maybe it was Walmart I saw the full size because I did see the Yes To brand in the makeup section there. 

I haven’t tried the moisturizer which I got the Juicy Beauty SPF moisturizer instead of the Kiehl’s lotion, which I am glad I didn’t get because I know I had a whole bunch of those Kiehl’s lotion when I was younger probably a decade ago, because my mother use to package and bottle the Kiehl’s lotion. I will try the Juicy Beauty SPF moisturizer sometime soon since I live in Florida I may use it quite often.

Haven’t tried the NUME hydrating conditioner yet also but I’m probably going to try it out this week when I wash my hair again, since this seems to be fore dry or colored hair I figured I’d give it a try to see how well this does for my bleached blonde hair.  

All in all I am pleased about this months’ bag. I can’t wait to see what next month’s bag will have.

#Games – Diablo 3

So when Diablo 3 was released I was one of the first that tried to get into the Diablo 3 servers at 2 AM Central time. My husband wanted to stay up, but work takes precedence. Considering that we opted in for the 1 year subscription of WoW to get Diablo 3 for free digitally, we still went and purchased a collectors edition for the game. Because I like Collectors Edition. So far the Collectors Edition were sold out everywhere here and fortunately for us, my husband was able to buy it off Amazon or ebay… one of the two, and my friend of 10 years didn’t feel like he really wanted his CE so we bought it off him. 

Backtracking to the launching of the game I get ready to log on and boom… I get in I create a character and then it’s trying to create the character and then I get this error that states I can’t create the character or something. I try again six or seven times and it takes five to ten minutes each creation before I get the error. So of course twitter feeds are blowing up with the error codes starting to trend on the worldwide trending list. After twenty minutes of trying to get into the game I just gave up and went to bed. Didn’t touch Diablo 3 for about two or three weeks I guess, but did watch my husband finish Diablo 3 in a few days of him playing it when he had the time. 

All the while I was too busy trying to finish Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 for the second time around on the 360. Well I then got to playing Diablo 3 and when I got to my character screen, I saw 6 Demon Hunters that I created the day I started on the list ready to go. All the same name. This was just funny to me cause I didn’t realize I made that many. Deleted all but one and started to play. 

Got my Demon Hunter to 60 in about two weeks of playing it I think, probably more than two weeks, I didn’t keep track so now I am on Infernal mode and doing my best to get through this mode with the gear I have. Of course I died at the Butcher trying to kill him all by myself only got him down to like 45% health. I am now going back through Hellmode to get some more gold so I can purchase some better equipment off the Auction House.

As much as I can say about the game it’s a beautifully rendered game, although with the recent updates the gamma seems to be very low and I barely can see any monsters coming at me when I am in dark caves and the fog particles are so thick.  I even tried to fixed the graphic options to what I had before and it still doesn’t seem to take. I don’t know why but I suppose I have to deal with it. 

I’m also not the fan of the point click move type game but this is that type of game and if I want to get through it I must get use to it. Which I probably did because I kept trying to click  point move in WoW when I went back to that game for the first time in three months. =/