#Beauty – @myglam July 2012 Bag

Got my July MyGlam bag while I was in CT. I haven’t posted about my May and my June bag of course that was me procrastinating. I probably should post something about those glambags as well. This months glambag had these following products to try out.

I was excited to hear that Buxom was part of this month’s glambag, and it was getting Buxom or getting Josie Marin Lip or Cheek stain. I was ecstatic that I got Buxom, because I was at Sephora in Danbury, CT and I was looking at these Buxom lipglosses for a while but then decided to buy Too Faced Glamour Gloss. Now that I got this sample and have tried it out I’m definitely going to purchase this when I get a chance to.

The got Andrea’s Choice Circus Nail Color in Yellow. Not sure what I would do with Yellow but I think I might be able to do some matching with the Essie Orange Nail Color I got from Klout Perks. 

I have tired the Yes to Cucumbers before I got this in the bag. I purchased a travel size just like the one in the bag just before I went to visit my family in CT, and have been using that all the past two weeks. It’s a very soothing makeup remover and I wouldn’t mind buying a full size of these if I could find it at Target again. Maybe it was Walmart I saw the full size because I did see the Yes To brand in the makeup section there. 

I haven’t tried the moisturizer which I got the Juicy Beauty SPF moisturizer instead of the Kiehl’s lotion, which I am glad I didn’t get because I know I had a whole bunch of those Kiehl’s lotion when I was younger probably a decade ago, because my mother use to package and bottle the Kiehl’s lotion. I will try the Juicy Beauty SPF moisturizer sometime soon since I live in Florida I may use it quite often.

Haven’t tried the NUME hydrating conditioner yet also but I’m probably going to try it out this week when I wash my hair again, since this seems to be fore dry or colored hair I figured I’d give it a try to see how well this does for my bleached blonde hair.  

All in all I am pleased about this months’ bag. I can’t wait to see what next month’s bag will have.