BlizzCon 2014

It was announced that BlizzCon 2014 will be November 7-8. This means I can’t do FANDom Con in Destin. Sad but well BlizzCon has always been priority to other conventions considering it’s the one time of the year that we (my husband and I) can be on “vacation.” It’s alright though, I love BlizzCon and nothing would stop me from going again. Well not getting tickets would mean we can’t go. They are doing a different ticketing system this year. It’s not going to be done through the Blizzard Store this year for some reason, they’re using Eventbrite. Which I am very worried about because can the Eventbrite server handle the many pings it’s going to receive the moment those tickets go on sale? Will it be a catastrophe like 2008 ticket sales where the server goes down every 2 minutes trying to process the amount of requests for tickets orders it’s going to get? I’m not sure how Eventbrite’s server is going to handle these ticket sales and there is no queue time on Eventbrite, I don’t think. So if you don’t get it withing the first 30 seconds the moment the tickets go on sale you don’t get it at all.

This is going to be a bit nerve wrecking. We shall see when the time comes for ticket sales. So it’s not written in stone yet that we will be going to BlizzCon. Though I have made preparations on hotel rooms just in case.

It’s been a long time since I blogged…

Yes I have slacked off in blogging the last two months… maybe more, but things seem to have slowed down for this time of the year. July had gone to my sister’s wedding which was a beautiful wedding up until the end of it where some drama had occurred. A month had past since that drama and when I went to talk to my parents again it seems like they didn’t want to let it go. Everyone seems to just say “what’s done is done you can’t changed what happened, just move on and deal with it,” but that is not the case with my mother. All I wanted to do was give my daughter her grandparents time to video chat and mother just wants to spew on about the drama that happened a month ago. And she use to say that I never let shit go. >.>

Anyway, September 25th Cataclysm came to an end when Mist of Pandaria was released and I busted my ass for 15 hours trying to catch up to the server 1st priest. Though I know I was about 4 hours behind the first priest but when I hit 88 and saw he was 89 I was like crap. I could make it by a hairline but I know I won’t and I feel like I did all this staying up for launch hour to try to make it to server first for nothing. I only knew of two people that rooted for me to make it and at least supported me in trying. Maybe three, but one of my longest friends said I wouldn’t, and that I couldn’t because I wasn’t known to be “hardcore.” 

Seriously if I can sit down at the computer for 4 hours + raiding and make it to raids I can do the grind. I’m not a lightweight when it comes to playing games. The only time when I can’t do it is when I start getting massive pains in my stomach (gallstone attacks) or major headaches that don’t go away after an hour after taking aspirin/tylenol. The thing that made me get behind on reaching server first 90 priest was cause the first part of the quests to Pandaria, where you fly and bomb the ships. After bombing the horde on the island, you have to bomb the ships. Oh the lack of visual on that part. You can’t zoom out so you can barely see the ship and what you are shooting at. You can’t group up with people to get that quest objective, if you do group you aren’t credited for it which is a bit an annoyance since it took me 30 mins to try to sink the ship. Oh and all you see is the insides of everyone else’s polygons. There was a spare moment every so often that you will see the ship and the barrel you have to shoot but when you do  you can’t hit the barrel cause someone else already hit it. That was such an annoying flaw. I’m sure there was no qualms or quarrels about this problem during beta because it went smoothly in beta. You don’t have hundreds of people trying for it at once. 

I did make it to 90 in the first couple of days so it was fine for me. So I spent a lot of time trying to get loremaster of pandaria achievement and then working on getting cooking done and all that jazz. I have to say I do like the MoP expansion, although most of my friends aren’t playing as much anymore cause they got disenchanted with Cataclysm. 

So after two weeks of that Resident Evil 6 was released and my husband got it for me and I’m like “ZOMG CHRIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS.” First campaign I played was Chris’. =p So with 5 chapters in each campaign about 1 hour each to play or more cause I was looking for emblems, I was able to finish all campaigns in about a week, so then I played it a second time around, need to do Ada’s campaign again but not too sure if I want to do it on Normal. 

I do like RE6. The controls though could’ve used some more polished and work, in my opinion, and after finishing Ada’s campaign the first time around there seems to be hints that they will make a 7th Resident Evil game. Just hints, though I am not positive on that. If so though I would like to see something with Claire in it. /shrug.

I have some reviews to post up but that will be in a different entry. 


Sleepless nights because of the Slender Man

Last  week, my husband was watching some YouTube reaction videos to the game Slender. To those that know what  Slender is, good for you, to those that don’t, CLICK HEREHERE and HERE  learn more about it. Also the birthplace of  Slender Man is here at Something Awful. So after watching the reaction videos he got into watching the MarbleHornets videos which is the series based off SlenderMan, and well I couldn’t sleep well last week because of watching those videos with my husband (and some by myself) so well I was freaked out. At one more my husband had goosebumps watching the videos.

I know the whole Slender Man is all fiction that came out of someone’s imaginative mind but well the though of “what ifs” tends to linger after watching things like that. Then it ends  up being funny because of one video, and that is the video where someone unlocks “20 Dollar” mode in Slender. Because of  that video I’ve been spontaneously singing “Gimme 20 dollars” last week as well. 

After watching some reaction video to gameplays of Slender I decided I’m going to try. My husband got all excited and when he saw that I downloaded the game and was getting ready to play it he turned off all the lights and the tv because he wanted me to have the “experience.” Regardless the first time playing it I only got 2 or 3 pages and I didn’t see Slender Man but I did get static across the screen and I made  the character run like hell away from Slender. Then like 10  mins of playing my flashlight didn’t work, even though I was told  you never run out of batteries in the game but there was no light source after a while. Also 10 mins of running around in circles only to have 2-3 pages I gave up on the first  try. Slender didn’t get me but I was still freaked out.

Second gameplay through with the lights on and people in the room, this includes my daughter, went well ok. I tried to record the reaction video but the gameplay video didn’t get recorded, so I just popped in the system audio into my recorded webcam video. Here it is:

I can’t say this  is much of a review or not because I didn’t finish the game nor don’t know if I ever will. Even playing the game in the day time I still get freaked out, and it’s because of how this game was made. It’s terribly good at making sure you are  looking over your shoulder. What is worse is that the first time playing this game at night about 3-4 hours later when I’m trying to sleep there was a major thunderstorm. Woke me up scared  the crap out of me and I looked around in the dark at all corners of my bedroom making sure there wasn’t any suspicious shadows. 

I’m starting to kick myself in the ass for even watching the videos and playing the game, but I want to know what happens in the videos and want to unlock the other modes in the game. So glutton for punishment it is.

Kingdom Hearts 3D

So after getting paid the beginning of this month my husband got this game for me because I kept nagging him about how it was the reason why I got the 3DS. Well one of the reasons at least. 

The game continues from Kingdom Hearts II, and after getting past the tutorial parts of the game I got into it, then it came to the spirit pets part of the game. After getting throught THAT tutorial and playing a day through the games getting past three stages I have come to the conclusion that the game is a glorified pokemon game. Not that there’s anything wrong with Pokemon, just saying that it’s pretty much Pokemon coated in bright colors and sprinkled with fairy dust. 

I do like the game play and the added features, although I feel that I spend over and hour leveling up the spirit pets and getting their abilities from their spell tiers. Often times I go back to previous stages and fight monsters in order to get munny and materials to make new spirit pets and also trying to get 100% treasures in each stage.

I’m not sure how far I am into the game yet but I got seven stages done so far, and I’m playing in the hardest mode available for a fresh newly bought game (proud mode.) I have played the other games in the series, and I do love the series, but it seems to have strayed far from the story and it feels like Square and Disney just decided to put random story arcs in to make it make sense to how the Keyblades and Keymasters came to existence. As much as I love this game series sometimes I feel that story arcs aren’t necessary, it makes it more confusing to explain to someone that has never played the series through. 

Anyway game play in the KH3D game is pretty much the same mechanics as the first two, 367 Days and RE:Coded. However added elements are in the game such as Flowmotion, Spirit Linking and Dream Dropping (hence Dream Drop Distance title, obviously.) Since Sora and Riku are actually in a dream for their trial to become the Keyblade Master, only you can play with either Sora or Riku at a time. You start the game playing Sora so once Sora falls asleep Riku wakes up and comes into play. 

I’m not sure how to explain the Dropping very well and I don’t think I’m going to try. I did like the Flowmotion Element in the game which gives and extra ability to fight your enemies or use the environment around you to defeat your enemies. It seems hard for me to get to the pole Flowmotion where as getting the Blow Off Flowmotion with hughe enemies and pushing off the wall Flowmotion seem much easier. I tend to forget about getting the Mario ground slam Flowmotion alot as well.

There is the Spirit link element in the game which is like the Trinity ability in the KH and KH2, however the Spirit Link ability are different for Sora and Riku. Sora’s Spirit Link abilities tend to have the Trinity Effect, Riku’s Spirit Link is him merging with the spirits gain strength, and this is only for a limited of time. The spirit link abilities combination are dependent on the type of spirits you are using at the time and what special attack those spirit will have (benefit for Riku.)

Another thing about the Spirit pets is that you can train them with the items, Balloon and Water Barrel. There Treasure Goggle items help you find treasure with the spirits which utilitize the 3DS camera. You can feed them with food you find or pick up from drops or buy in stores, as well as customize the spirits with a paint gun.

So far I’m seven stages in and continuing to get through this game by getting all the Spirits and training them on every tier they have. Maybe there will be an update when I have completed the game. =D

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