Circle Lens: More lens from Kiwiberry

Geo Bella Brown

Bella Brown

These lens makes your eyes look huge. I mean the pattern color is print so very closely to the edge that it really gives you a big eye dolly look.  I was afraid that the Bella series would end up like the Angel series where it doesn’t show up very well on my eye but it came out looking decent. Since I already have dark brown eyes these lens makes it more define. It’s not a honey color like most browns I’ve seen, but it does seem to blend better and make my eyes look natural. As well as with all Geo Lens I own these are very comfortable. I was reluctant to try 15mm lens because of how big they were but I’m very pleased with these.

M-Type 3 Tone Aqua

MI 3Tone Aqua aren’t the type of lens that would enlarge your eyes. Especially since these lens are 14mm, and as with MOST 3 tone lens (exlcuding the newer 3tone lens at 14.5mm) these lens are made to just change your eye color or enhance them. I love the color on these though it’s not too true blue or absolutely vibrant. Although I wish it would do a nice little fade at the pupil hole instead of a solid circle it’s a very nice color and does look natural about 1 foot away. I would recommend these to those that want something very natural looking. I own a pair of greens in this model however they seem to dry out very quickly in about 3 hours of wear. Not too sure why but I know I have to use rewetting eye drops for them. I’ve not had a problem with the aqua though I haven’t worn it longer than 4 hours to know. It could’ve been the solution that I was using at the time as well.

EType 2Tone Brown

Another MI brand lens and these are 2tone type in Brown. I like these and I have a pair in Aqua, but it’s not a reddish brown color that I like for my eyes. It’s more of a honey color. Not a  bad thing if you’re looking for a lighter color to your brown eyes and give it a little golden hue but it’s not for me. It does enlarge a bit and I’ve not had problems wearing these so comfort levels are normal for me.

Burn Pink

I wanted to try out some pink lens and well I added Burn Pink to my haul last month and I probably didn’t realize I did, cause I was going to order the Neon Pink in place of it. So I thought why the heck not and try this out.  I have to say it’s a bit freaking looking and very extreme. I think this makes me look like an alien of some sort, cause the limbal ring is very very thick. These are not at all natural, but then again pink isn’t a natural looking eye color. I would like this a lot more if the design wasn’t so bold, that’s not to say I don’t like it because I do. I just do not like how it looks on me. It’s comfortable otherwise and the enlarging effect is decent. I don’t get lens for the enlarging effect anyway. I mainly get them for the design and color.

Lacy Pink G-213

Now these are absolutely cute. These are a new design by EoS and other companies have their own version of the lacy design. The thing about these lens is that it’s enlargement effect should give you and all around halo effect. Pink don’t usually show up very pink in my dark brown eyes. They almost look purple as my husband has said every time I show him a pair of pink lens I’m wearing. These are as well comfortable as the other lens I’ve worn. So far I haven’t had any major comfort problems with any of the brands. I might want to get more of these in other colors.

Kiwiberry Lashes #12

In the pics above I’ve used Kiwiberry’s #12 Lashes. I am in love with these lashes and probably will only be getting these from here on in. It’s not too dramatic or thick it’s actually just want I’ve been looking for in lashes. Gives a nice sultry look and adds length to my current lashes. Don’t have to use mascara when I’m wearing these lashes.

Alright I’m going to close this entry with a review for a contact lens solution that I’ve been using lately and I am very very impressed with. I use to use Opti-free Replenish for my contact lens. However I was watching a show one day and then commercials comes running as usual and there was this advertisement for Bausch and Lomb Bio True. It advertises that the solution is made to be like your natural tears. So I did some more research online at their site and read reviews and mostly positive things for this product. So one day I told my husband to pick me a bottle of this after work and he did. I’ve tried this solution for three of my lens for a month and I was pleased at how this solution worked.

My lens are a bit more comfortable than when I was using Opti-free Replenish, also if with Opti-free Replenish when I use it to just store my lens after cleaning and I don’t wear my lens for 2 weeks there’s some kind of residue that seems to settle on the lens. I was not please with this, especially when I haven’t worn the lens at all. When I switched to Bio True when I don’t wear the lens for 2 weeks there’s no settling residue in the lens, which gives me some comfort because I would like to know that my lens are still clean after 2 weeks of not putting them to use.

Another thing that made be like the Bio True solution is that I didn’t have to use rewetting eye drops as often as I did with Opti-free. I use to carry around a little container with solution to use if my eye were feeling a bit dry and that’s after 4 hours of contact lens wear. With Bio True I could wear my lens for a good 8 hours (which is the max recommended limit on wearing cosmetic lens) without having to use eyedrops.

So with that said, I do recommend trying out Bio True if you are looking for a new solution for your contact lens. You can get a discount coupon from the Bio True main site.