Circle Lens: Barbie Queen / Aloha Aqua and Geo Bonita Blue

Going to start off with the G&G/Dueba Barbie Queen/Aloha Aqua. The color is absolutely cute, and the design is similar to the Geo Wing/Olive series. The difference between them is that Geo’s version has a bigger pupil hole than the G&G/Dueba version. The thing I like about these lenses is that it gives off a little halo on me. It does enlarge quite a bit and does give me a dolly look, as well as being comfortable to wear. Hardly notice that I have them on.

Now the Geo Bonita Blues. What can I say about these lenses except for that it’s more of an eye color enhancer than actual color change. You can’t see these lenses very well under medium or low lighting. Once you are out in bright light or under natural light it would show. These lenses on me though, I would say you can see a hint of blue in my eyes when I wear them. Not my very best favorite pair of lenses but I probably would’ve been better off getting the Greys or Browns. I do like them though. The comfort is good and there is no general enlargement.

So if you want to enhance your eye color or add a bit of a different color to your natural eye these would be good to get. If you’re looking for dramatic eye color change look for something else these will not do you much good for that.