FreeCon 10. Year of the ChronoMancers.

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So this year FreeCon was a big improvement from the Vendor/Artist view. There was a decent selection of vendors this year. I didn’t get to see the vendors last year because the vendors room was extremely packed. Artist Alley was mixed in with the Vendor room and it was very open and more comfortable than last year. Though all the time we were in the AA we could have had power if we had just asked. That was our fault entirely. Something to remember to do next year. “Ask a con staff for a power supply for the table ASAP.” Hahah. I enjoyed it I had fun. I did make sell some stuff which is always good, though it being Easter weekend and the rain didn’t help much I wasn’t going to expect a HUGE sale. Though Saturday the room was extremely packed and busy. I had fun though. My friends from AA last year attended again this year and it was just great to see them again. I had a good time this year. I enjoyed myself.

FreeCon apparently got a huge attendance last year said around 500 or 1500 I couldn’t hear very well because people were setting up the last day and it was a bit loud, but it was a lot and so the University gave the student anime club the use of the ballroom to accommodate the attendance.

Also made some new buddies in the Artist Alley area and kind of warned a few of them to steer clear of one particular convention. Because of my experience with them and other’s that have told me their bad experiences with the convention. Seriously the staff from the last convention I went to was laughing at FreeCon during their rave after party on the first day and yet they couldn’t pull the attendance that FreeCon has pulled the last two years put together for their two day convention. And much more organized. Yeah FreeCon is run by college students who changes out their staff almost every year, and it’s still more organized than that convention I went to in January. So why laugh?

Oy that last bit there was a rant because I’m still a bit frustrated over the ordeal I had to go through for that particular convention. FreeCon was a smooth process. Nothing complicated and I intend to attend FreeCon again next year.

Also to the FreeCon Conchair Tony, you and your staff/students/friends did an amazing job. Even though I know in the back end you guys were freaking out you still handle the convention with the utmost profession, and communications with you guys and the AA and Vendors was great. Keep up the good work. I hope the next conchair after you would continue to make FreeCon a great event for the University.