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I guess it’s been a while since I post something about games and game related stuff, that wasn’t a rant or a bitch-fest of drama soap operas. Perhaps something useful in this blog post? Perhaps not. 

I love the priest class. It was the second class that I took the time to focus playing on second to my warlock which was my first ever character. I like playing a priest so much I had made two priests. One to be Holy/Shadow the other to be Disc/Shadow. Why not make one priest Holy/Disc? Because I like to have my Shadow spec and since Blizzard didn’t do TRI-Spec it was one or the other or make a second priest get the benefits of all three. Before I get scolded or be called a “nub” for making two priest, let me say I’ve seen people out there who’s made 5 warriors, 10 shamans, 4 rogues, etc. I’m not the only one that does this. Also when I was doing the refer a friend I was dual boxing. Which I will resume my dual boxing duties soon because I’m leveling two other 2 priests on another server. 

Anyway for the disc spec priest I went the way of the LOLSmite, priest, where Atonement is in play. Atonement is an ability in the Discipline tree that allows you to dps while healing. Or so to speak. Every damage caused my Smite or Holy Fire will heal the lowest health target. I would say this is a fun spec, if I found out I was enjoying it as much as my holy. Although it fulfills the need of me wanting to dps the mobs instead of heal. Of course I am use to seeing myself as the low DPS on the DPS meter because I haven’t been high on DPS since BC. I’m still working the kinks out of this spec though however all that is about to change when the pre patch for MoP comes out. So I might as well not work the kinks out yet. I do like how I barely run out of mana in this spec whether I am full blown healing or lolsmiting things, although I can’t say much about the mana conservation on fights like Zon’ozz or Madness.

I’ve played a holy priest since before dual spec was implemented and I’ve leveled holy all the way to 80, and those that have done the same would agree with me that leveling as a holy priest is a very long tedious slow grind. Even while questing. In my opinion through out the game I felt that priests were neglected in getting awesome buffs, and spells and such. One would have always though a priest was a well rounded strong healer considering that two of the three talent trees are mainly healing type. However people seem to favor Paladins and Druids over the Priest and felt that if you weren’t Disc you weren’t a good healer.  Some spells in the holy tree I felt were useless to me to use and I had healed without those spells for a long while. Lightwell was good but not all that good because in order to use it before Cataclysm you had to target the lightwell and click it. Which caused DPS to falter a little during strenuous fights. Circle of Healing while it healed the lowest random player in the group I felt I was never able to use it properly, and kinda felt it was a bit weak. Also it used to be where it didn’t had a cooldown and the priests would spam the crap out of that heal during aoe boss fight damage causing them to run out of mana.

While things have changed for some of those spells and I do use them more frequently during this expansion, I’m sure I’ll have to readjust how I heal depending on what changes goes on with the Mist of Pandara talents and spells. Of course all going to test out and post about in my next blog post about the Mist Beta. 

WoW is slowing down in activity?

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Well it just seems like it to me. This past two weeks I have seen a decline of people logging on to play WoW on my freinds list. I’m guessing that it’s starting to get into that slump of repetitiveness, or that LFR has made it so people can see some content of the Deathwing encounter, or even the server is just full of lackluster players that is starting to be disenchanted with the game. I however have been struggling to get the one raid group going for my guild every week and people seem to misunderstand the concept of what our guild is about. Especially those that whine and moan about how we don’t progress like we should be because the people that whine and moan about this are trying to consider themselves hardcore raider.

Honestly on a “care-bear” server that is practically seven years old you can’t expect much from the players here. Thunderhorn is my home server and I would never leave it. Considering that it is the first server I have played on and have established a good foundation with my priest there. I’m a decent healer, I’ve never gone about and brag that I am the best at healing, because I know that there is someone that’s going to be better than me. I will never get all elitist and say my HPS is higher than that healer over there, because gauging a healer from HPS doesn’t mean crap. Someone could have high HPS and be doing the least amount of healing while say a Disc Priest HPS will be relatively low if they are a damage mitigation spec. Like I said you can’t gauge a healer by HPS cause healing styles differs.

Which brings me to something important, our guild is very tank heavy it seems. Everyone wants to DPS or tank but there’s only one healer in the guild that heals the raids, and that is me. I honestly want to say that I don’t mind healing. I love healing I really do, but all the other raiders that consitently shows up for raids complains about bringing their alts to get gear. It really must be nice to have alts that you can play and gear up, while I constantly have to pug my alts into groups and raids to get them geared up, as for my priest which is most likey have become my main character to play I can’t go into my own guild raid group with my alt because no one else will want to heal. Aside from the on guy that is willing to heal to help get the guild raids going. Good on you. 

This also brings me to the point of looking for pugs, where I can’t find a decent pug in trade to do the raids. This being that the pugs are acting so elitist on a server that only has 4 guilds that is actually doing heroic mode Dragon Soul and 2 doing it in 25 player. I’m just wondering if it’s just this one server or the whole slew of servers seeing this transition of people lacking the will to play the game until the next expansion. It’s just a curiosity of mine this past few weeks. 

Or maybe it’s just been a bad week for us entirely.

“People Doing Old Content Kills SERVERS!” #WoW

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This is something I have to share with my fellow gamers and or World of Warcraft players/readers. As the title says, and it’s quoted from a guild member that no one seems to care about, and it seems the majority of the guild members that have come acrossed this guy has been fairly annoyed by his arrogance and slight ignorance on to how activity works in the game. 

One simple day someone in the guild that joined a couple of days earlier asked if anyone wanted to join a group doing ICC heroics, and this guild member named Robin (with an accented o in his name) blurted out in the guild chat saying that people that do old content kills servers. This brought on a debate by two other guild members who disagree with this statement. I then jumped in saying how it doesn’t really kill servers and if doing old content in the game killed servers then Blizzard would’ve shut down ALOT of servers already. The guy was persistent to say that what he thought about people doing old content was the right way to think and his opinion alone. Of course he did stated after the fact that it was his opinion, agree or disagree. 

The problem with that last statement was he was starting to get into defense mode because I and the other two guildies have said many reasons why his logic is flawed. Honestly people who do old content aren’t really kill the server. In fact people doing old content are doing the opposite. They are bringing activity to the server, if you do something in the game it’s activity. Logging in the game and just chatting is activity, doing dailies and collecting achievement that is making the server active. Running old content. THAT IS ACTIVE. How is being active killing the server pray tell?

The guild member that claimed all this killing server thing went into defense mode and try to be sarcastic about everyone else’s comment because he’s got nothing else to back up the claim that doing old content will kill the server. Granted this guy is a level 30 at the time complaining about old content and one of the arguements was “you’re leveling that is old content, why don’t you stop leveling if you believe so strongly that doing old content would kill the server.” He then proceeds to level up and say “DING” in which my response to this was, ” ‘DING’ing will kill the server.” The response I got was “Shove off.” Then he was asked if he was mad, and he replied slightly and of course the whole debate comes up again and statements on how he’s contradicting his own beliefs. Then when stated he was mad cause we caught him in his own hypocrisy he stated he wasn’t mad when he actually stated before he was. 

So apparently now this has become a joke in the guild and everytime we see someone in the guild asking about old world content we state that doing old world content will kill the servers. Don’t do it! The guy every so often is online when this happens and he gets mad about it but try to mask it by saying it’s true and sometimes telling the person that started to stay that “don’t mess with me I’m in a bad mood.”

Really he actually has brought this upon himself stating something so absurd to think that doing old content is useless. If Blizzard has put an achievement in for that content it’s not useless nor will it kill the server. If anything Blizzard wants you to continue to do old content as well as the new. If they didn’t want you to do the old content they would’ve just taken it out already. Right?

The Drama Queen and Attention Whore

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There’s always one or two or three in the guild, and these guys always tend to try to get more attention than necessary. They feel that the whole guild revolves or should revolve around them and they think they know it all. They also befriend the higher ups to garner more stability to get positions as officers and such because they believe they can make a difference in the guild when they like the power to kick people they do not like. 

This is actually taken up quiet a stir-up lately since we returned from Blizzcon although the attitude of this all was present when a former guildmate returned from leaving the Alliance side to join the Horde side to get away from someone he disliked that was in the guild. Now that person doesn’t play WoW anymore sold his account and moved on with his life there is a void left missing for this former guildmate now back in the guild. He apparently has no one to blame useless crap on, and his need to run into this person in Baradin Pennisula while he was on the horde side so he can kill him was never fullfilled. He has this grudge that never got satisfied and now is taking it out on anyone he can.

Of course while he was on the horde side he became somewhat of a hardcore raider even though he tried to convince people that the guild was just a casual guild. He apparently got kicked out of that guild when his buddy and him took something that should have been between the two into guild chat. Mostly complaining about progression in the guild and raids and making a big highschool drama out of it. His buddy apparently quit the guild or something to that sort and he went on the guild Ventrilo to explain himself and the officers told him that they should’ve kept that in whispers instead of bringing it into the guild chat. Which was obviously true and much more courteous, but knowing the guy he’s not very courteous when it comes to other people’s feelings lately. So the officers kicked him out of that guild and he was left wandering for a day or two asked my husband if he could come back. My husband allowed it cause he was being a good friend, and then he came back.

Then left again to another server for another guild and that apparently did not work out for him and then came back to our server and rejoined the guild with most of his characters. All goes right with the world the guild is in a peaceful environment and then here is when the attitude comes in. I ask him to join a FL pug that I frequent and he says sure and joins. Then leaves in the last attempt of the Beth fight where we knew we could get her down cause of the group makeup and such. The reason for his leaving the group was cause the raid leader did not take his advice on how to do the fight. Pretty much throughout the whole entire run he was trying to tell the raid leader how to do the fight when the RL has done it as many times as he has if not more on another character. He started acting like a primadonna, and before the last attempt on Beth he left the group and in guild started saying that he couldn’t take the RL’s explaination cause the RL kept saying “ummmm” after every sentence. 

Then started offering to lead raids cause he said he could explain better than anyone else about boss fights. Now granted he has the knowledge of the boss fights and all his explanation skills aren’t very clear. He always ends up confusing everyone and makes it take longer for us to get the fight started because we have to re-explain fights to simplify the shit he just said. Even though he says he’s simplifying the fight so people can understand, even though in his head he thinks it’s simplifying it, he really hasn’t.

He has also asked my husband if he can be officer again, in which my reply is, no. My husband’s response and rational thinking is, “we have a whole new group of people in the guild. It is not the same guild members as it was when we were raiding during BC and Wrath.  These people do not know who you are or who you were so pretty much everyone is starting from scratch.”

The guy didn’t take it so likely, and every other week seems to ask again if he can get his officership back. One week he did a guild Zandalari group and before they did the last boss he kicked one of the guildies out who was trying to get points for gear to heal. Stated that he didn’t think that guildie could heal through the last boss. Honestly if you made it to the last boss with that person healing why not give it a try? Nope from reports that’s not how he wanted and from reports it was stated that he said “as officer of the guild he did what is best.” 

Seriously holding a position that you don’t actually have control of over the other guildies head in a heroic dungeon run? Then a guildie dps or I believe she was a tank at that time left the group and it was left with the three guildies. Then he left the group cause he wasn’t going to go searching for another two people to fill the spots to finish the dungeon. Obviously when things don’t go his way he leaves groups or logs off or go play on his horde. We then get messages saying that things are happening in the guild and this was during our trip to Blizzcon and then when my husband logs on he states that this is his vacation let us have it and told everyone to get along. Everyone in the guild seem to have agreed and asked how was the convention, but no the drama queen can’t stand that he wasn’t being taken seriously emails my husband all screenshots of the chat and then tries to explains himself. 

After the Blizzcon trip I started up the raid again which is good and all we hardly ever had a solid core group to do a full 10 man guild raid. We always have two friends, from outside the guild help us fill our raids cause they want to see the guild progress, and in the process get some gear for their alts, since their mains are raiding FL and I love them for helping us out. This day my husband was sick and we ended up having three tanks in the group so my husband decided to dps or rather I decided that for him cause his dps is better than our other two tanks dps. Plus one of them didn’t have dps gear. So he logs on his DPS the guy logs on after I filled the raid with 8 guildies and our two regular fill-ins that comes helps us every week and the guy knows that these two come in every week to help us out. Well my husband says he’s ready for an invite I invited him, then the guy jumped in saying he’s ready as well but he didn’t sign up on the calendar. I told him that it’s filled up, and the last spot was my husbands. 

So yeah that didn’t go too well with him and he messages my husband saying that he will leave his spot open for pugs only since I value pugs over guildies. At that point I didn’t know he had said that until after the raid when my husband came into the room and said that the guy was pissed off that he didn’t get to come to the raid. The guy also stopped signing up for the raid about a month ago and never logged on whenever we had raid time scheduled. Nor did he ever tell me that he wanted to go or even signed up on the calendar. I even posted it on the MoTD to check the calendar for raid schedules and sign up if you are able to join in on the raid days. HE… NEVER… DID. As he probably expected to have a saved spot every time I suppose but why should I do that? There were people already signed up and ready to go, and as I don’t value pugs over guildies we had more guildies in the group than we did pugs, and really he logged on late after I filled. If I truly value pugs over guildie the whole run would be pugs. Hell I wouldn’t schedule raids with guildies that want to get achievements or gear, I would just go join a pug. So that was his dealing this past two weeks.

Friday night I log on to get a raid together for those that were online and the first thing I see was him saying he doesn’t participate in Friday and Saturdays raid anymore, and I’m sure he wants people to ask him why so he can state that I don’t care about bringing in guildies. I say in guild that well I guess I’ll cancel raid cause I’m not doing things right or something to that point (I wished that I had screenshotted it) and he said “how about them packers” to diverge out of the subject and then whispers my husband something about me and does a little ^ pointing to what he said and acts like my husband is suppose to laugh with him about it. He also stated to my husband that he speaks how he feels which is not so cool at this point cause what this guy feel is just wanting to be a major douchebag. My husband logs off the game and comes in angry about it and I ask if he’s mad at me and he said no he’s more angry at the guy trying to get my husband to take his side on all this. My husband doesn’t take side cause if he takes one or the other someone is bound to not be happy. In this case the guy will never be happy unless my husband agrees with him. I could care less cause I speak for myself most of the time. 

He’s been trying to play the troll and trying to get everyone to agree with him, and mostly wonders if my husband values his friendship. Honestly I want to say that this guy wants everyone to value his friendship, but he doesn’t seem to have consideration to do the same for anyone he is friends with and to me it just seems like he’s trying to cause a rift between me and my husband lately because of that “pug over guildie” incident. The fucked up thing about it is that when the guy logs off of wow, the people in wow disappears until he logs back on again. So he can piss someone off and just turn off his computer. When my husband logs off wow and the renewed guildie pisses me off my husband can’t get away from me. He lives with me, we sleep in the same bed together. This is something that guy doesn’t freaking get. If he values my husband’s friendship he wouldn’t or SHOULDN’T piss me off. Because that just causes stress to my husband aka HIS FRIEND, who happens to have to hold a full time job, worry about bills, car payments, if his wife is happy, and if his daughter will have a good day at school or not

He is acting like a high school girl wearing their heart on their sleeve and expressing his feelings about everything that he thinks is wrong to him. He is trying to start a revolution within the guild and trying to cause problems between me and my husband. Mainly trying to get my husband to agree that I am a bitch, and that I don’t give a shit about anyone else but myself and pugs.{start sarcasm} Cause clearly I play wow all day long and it has become my sole life and purpose to piss this guy off instead of me taking care of my family and doing other productive things like have a life. {end sarcasm}

Yes this is a rant and I’m probably being a drama queen myself, but had to get it off my chest for a bit. Sorry that it’s a long rant, but the change in the guy since I met him in BC until now is just so drastic because he use to be a good guy that didn’t care so much about a lot of stuff, just wanted to have fun. That all changed when he started the hardcore raiding and sad to say, he is acting like that person he dislike when he first moved over to the horde side. He may believe he doesn’t act like that but I see it and a couple of others have seen it and he has.