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BlizzCon 2011

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Warning! Very PICTURE HEAVY!


Friday October 21, 2011

Day one of Blizzcon. 

My look of the day. Pink and blue dyed hair! This is what was planned for the trip since May. It was curled up but then the curls seem to have fallen dead to straight. /shrug



As we entered the building there was posters all over the place with the sponsors name on them. Of course posters are of Blizzards artwork that were related to Starcraft, Warcraft or Diablo series. First day of BlizzCon always makes  me giddy.

The usuall Kerrigan statue, there’s a statue of Illidan, and Tyreal as well. Didn’t get pictures of those though. 


Every year there’s a graffiti wall where you sign your name or guild name etc, etc. After the first day this wall ended up being covered by a massive “BOULDERFIST” which was kind of a douchey way to get your name out cause surely thousands of other people can’t see their names after it’s been covered up by D-Lists AHOLES from that realm.  Still got my picture in before that ninja graffiting.

Had to snap a picture of my husband sitting down waiting for the opening ceremony. He was busy playing with his phone.

So we got into near the middle backrow next to the bathroom. Then the lights dimmed to dark and everyone started to cheer as Morhaime takes the stage to welcome us all to Blizzcon. Then announcing the three new things that were to be expected in the upcoming year. Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, Starcraft Blizzard DOTA, and the news that got twenty thousand plus people cheering when the character dropped down on the trailer, World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria. Although Metzen is the one that announced MoP but well that is the opening ceremony.


I do wish that I had taken more pictures on day one though, but I did get to demo the MoP and the monk class which I find fun. Also my husband apparently gotten a free poster cause of a drop in the demo game. If you get this drop and let the employees know you get a poster of MoP. So we stood in line for the BlizzCon store because we missed the pre-sale online, but it wasn’t that bad, I mean the line was quick and only about 30  minutes to wait in. I  have to get my BlizzCon 2011 tee. How else will people know if I’ve gone, aside from telling them. 

Then hubby keeps getting txted from @Fondrewow cause he wanted to meet up so badly that I had to force the hubby to just meet the guy. This was the time to network yo. So Fondre and the hubby met and talked, and how Fondre knows who my husband was is because of RaidReady videos and apparently he follows my husband on twitter. =o So after the little chit chat, Fondre invited us to @TwistedNether’s meetup which they were doing a raffle for Child’s Play charity. Then we try to make our way to the costume contest, then 

Costume contest is what I pretty much wanted to stick around and watch for the first day, although sitting for panels would be great, but it’s something I am always interested in. Of course I’ve been searching for a few of my twitteraitis that were at BlizzCon and well it took to the end of the costume contest to find @Strio13. Funny thing was I was at the location where he said he was on twitter and could not see him. >.> Short little me. 

During the costume contest this guy that was walking by to go to the bathroom I swore he looked like Santa Claus! I’m serious! I really wished I had taken a picture of that guy. >=D If you guys have been following BlizzCon through blogs or livestream you would know who won, but to those that missed out here’s a video announcing the winners.


For those of you that missed out on the dance contest this video may scar you for life.


After the costume contest, we headed to the MoP demo and waited in line while it was short which I did mentioned earlier. Then headed back to the hotel room where my husband had to do some quick work. Yeah he was working on his vacation, which was a bit frustrating to both me and him. Internet connections isn’t  really that great at the hotel when you have hundreds of BlizzCon goers using the same connection.  So afterwards we decided to go to the Twisting Nether’s Blizzcon meet up at Bar Louie at the GardenWalk. Spent 20 bucks for raffle tickets for a good cause and won Bladerunner Umbrella, a Twisted Nether extra large shirt that eats me up, and a ThinkGeek Video Watch. >=D. Fondre won the MegaBloks BattleCruiser in which I want to kill him for. Also met some of the rest of the crew of @Rawrcast

Seriously the BattleCrusier is like $115 bucks at the BlizzCon store and it is a limited edition. So badly want, but that ended the first day of BlizzCon for us. Tons of fun, met new people and got sweet lewts.

Saturday October 22, 2011

As day two begins I went in pigtails today to satisfy my husband need to see me in pigtails. You can hardly see them cause I do not have voluminous hair. It’s very thin  I couldn’t  even out the  pigtail very well. I felt one side had more hair than the other. 


Most of the day on the second day of BlizzCon was spent walking around the convention looking at what the sponsors had and what  was  coming out. I wanted to do some StarCraft DOTA demo and then some Diablo 3, but that suddenly slipped my mind after I went through the Art Gallery. Me being a art freak I had to see it and adore the works of awesomeness. Just makes me want to keep practicing at my style and hope to improve.

This is the timeline of the founding of Blizzard until present day. 20 years ago Blizzard was just a measly little company with 12 (I think) employees to god knows how many employees there are now. Morhiame, Metzen and other co-founders have come along way and they are very proud of it.


After the artgallery we went to sit at the making of Pandaria art panel and there were many awesome things discussed there, like what were they influenced by to make the environment of Pandaria, and the tools and scripts  used to make it. They even showed a concept of a Panderan rickshaw mount that was goldfish powered, but the panelist said  that “Chris does not want you to have it.” It was a cute concept I think it would be awesome to have in game one day.This is during lunchtime at the Anaheim Convention Center. Opposite sides of each other lol. We went back in the BlizzCon line because my husband wanted a Diablo 3 Rainbow Unicorn  shirt so we went and got that and and Alliance Pennate. I wanted both Horde and Alliance so I  have it up on the walls but well possibly Nov 11th we’ll get a chance for it again while supplies last. We headed back to the hotel room for short while, the hubby ended up doing some more quick work again and I was trying to extract some pictures from my camera. 

Afterwards we headed back to the convention center for the Lore Q&A which had some strange awkward moments. Like the guy that printed a screenshot out of the Zul’Drak temple scenery asking what the giant snake tail is. Then rushed our way through the convention center to get to the main hall to get ready for Foo Fighters. However we ended up standing in the back until an employee had said there were seat up closer so we wouldn’t stand. Which is great because my feet were starting to hurt, badly. Honestly I didn’t know who the Foo Fighters were but apparently I have heard most of their songs  that they’ve played. I just never associated the song with Foo Fighters since I just like listening to music. I did manage to meet up with @Shad0wembrace during the concert but couldn’t hand out with her very long.  Unfortunately the song I really wanted to hear Everlong was the last song they played but we had to get going  to hang out with Fondre at the RawrCast livecast at the Hilton. I’ll catch  that performance on YouTube eventually. Sadly I don’t have pictures of the concert because my camera SD card was left in my laptop in my hotel room and my phone battery was about dead. 

Round table drunken discussion going about anything and everything at BlizzCon. Let’s not forget plugging our sites away, and my husband had gone out and told the podcast what realm we play on and what guild we run. Of course they introduced me and I am not very articulate as most people cause my brain draws a blank, but apparently I didn’t hold the mic right cause they couldn’t hear me very well so I did this: 

 Yep I did that to the mic. It’s kind of a big mic. =o More pictures of the Rawrcast guys can be found at their facebook. 

Tried to meet up with @Ceraphus at the after party too but the moment we left he went to where we were waiting, and I’m knew that was going to happen. Of course my phone ran out of battery and couldn’t get any updates for the last half hour cause my battery defender kept turning off data transfer to keep running. 

It’s alright I’ve had a great time at BlizzCon this year and though I didn’t do much of what I wanted cause I totally forgot about them I can’t wait until next year.




#Blizzcon2011 and @Beautylish #BeautySocial Preparation

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Before the actual post entry, going to remind people to checkout the Circle Lens Giveaway by clicking on the banner below. It will send you to the giveaway post. To the actual post now:


Who’s ready for BlizzCon?! I know I’m pushing the final packing phase and double checking that I have everything necessary packed, and here’s hoping to run into a few of my twitter friends on twitter. Regardless that I do not play on the same realm with them in WoW or even play the same side Blizzcon is what brings us fans of Blizzards game together. In one sweaty group. Of course I will be attending with my husband, and we’re driving all the way from the Panhandle of Florida all the way to Southern California, so I will probably end up posting short blog entries of sights’ we saw and if we’ve  come across another BlizzCon road-tripper.  The plan is to drive from 8am  Central to 10pm, rest at a hotel hoping to be a good ways across the country. Then I guess off on the road again around 8 or 10 am the next day, and then probably another hotel rest before Thursday and then get to our hotel reservation. 

We’ll be staying at the Courtyard Anaheim which is on the corner of Convention Way on the same block of the Convention Center so it’s be a quick short walk  to and  from the hotel to the event whenever we need a break. 2009, we stayed at the Anaheim  Marriott which was about 10 mins walk away, and loved the hotel and was hoping to get a reservation at that hotel again, but couldn’t reserve the type of room we wanted. So this year we were lucky to get reservation for the Courtyard which is positively better location-wise. In 2008 we went which was our first BlizzCon we’ve been to, and our hotel stay was at the Hilton Embassy. Which was quite a drive though the environment of the hotel was so serene and I absolutely loved the Koi fish pond they had in their indoor courtyard. We didn’t  get to make it to last year’s BlizzCon due to funding circumstances and we ended up being at the tail end of the ticket sales. It was disheartening to be like number 10 in queue with 25% of the stock left to find out when it’s your turn in line the stock was all sold out. Sad but that’s the way the universe works I suppose.

So I do plan on trying to make to all the get together that would interest me and my husband, so hopefully we’ll make some great new friends, meet some old  ones, actually meet long time friends that we’ve been talking to and just enjoy the Convention. Regardless of being Horde or Alliance, Zerge, or Terran, we’re here to have and awesome time.



Honestly I found out about this event just a couple of weeks ago and few weeks ago I finally decided to join after lurking through their site very many times. So after many questions and discussions with a BeautyLish mod I decided I wanted to really go, considering that I  have started in on this beauty trend. I have no idea why I got fascinated in the beauty community but I guess cause I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube video tutorials on how to do makeup and such that I just now can’t stand going out on certain days without spending an hour putting my face on.

When I found out about this event I was like “OMG it’s the same week as BlizzCon. What a co-winky-dink.” Then was bummed out about it a little because we had planned for BlizzCon first. So then found out they sold individual tickets and was like “OOOOH I can go SUNDAY!”  Then negotiated with the hubby about the BeautySocial, and the next day he purchased me the ticket. Although it was a Saturday ticket and I had to go through a whole day contacting BeautLish with as many ways to contact them as possible, because I am such an impatient person when it comes to things like ticket events. I’m sure I bugged the heck out of them, but when I got an answer back I just waited until another response was made about it. The customer service for my ticket purchase was great, and they did change it in their database for me to attend  Sunday so I don’t have to worry so much about it anymore. <3

Surely I am happy to be attending this event, even if it’s for one day, but I am hoping like at BlizzCon to make new friends, and possibly learn a thing or two from other beauty enthusiast. 


I’m hoping to see most of you at the Convention and Event! Let’s have fun and enjoy ourselves!

More posts to come in the following week! <3


#Blizzcon here I come!

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So my husband was explaining to me what the Rapture was and how this pastor predicted that the Rature date was on May 21st and that all will end or something like that around October 21st. Which I find funny and why does that have anything to do with the Blizzcon post?

Anyone who’s a fan of Blizzard that pays attention to Blizzards announcement would recognize these dates. It’s the dates of the first ticket sales for Blizzcon and the date of Blizzcon itself. Which I find so funny that the predicted dates fall on  the days that is Blizzcon related. Anyway, May 21st I was getting ready to get tickets refreshing the page every 5 secs at the 5 minute to mark. My husband as well was refreshing and then he’s at 4200 in queue and I’m at like 5000 in queue and I was sad, but there was a chance my husband would be able to get them. At the last 3 min of his queue is said the tickets were  all sold out. All sad that day but had another chance at it Wednesday and the hubby suspect that the first batch was the lesser batch.

Yesterday we had a few people help get in queue for the tickets and some getting in queue for us was also getting in queue for other friends and well we got it. At 3200 in queue we waited for 20 min  to get the tickets and success!  So my husband and I will be attending Blizzcon 2011!

Now I gotta save up for the hotel room and spending money for the next 5 months and the intensive getting in shape so I don’t look like a jiggly bulb of baby fat at the hot pool work out starts this weekend.

See you at Blizzcon.

Starcraft 2 Custom Maps = <3

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So last night spent some time playing two of the new beta starcraft custom maps. Aiur Chef and StarJeweled. I love these map mods. Aiur Chef got me laughing cause of it being a parody of Iron Chef. Cooking was never this much fun. Sorry Cooking Mama I’m sticking to this game. Then I spent a good 4 hours today playing the StarJeweled map. I didn’t get it at first because my first match I just played it as it was Bejeweled, not realizing the extra stuff you need to do to win the game. This is a very inventive way to play I like it and apparently have become addicted to it. I might as well play it for the next two days considering my wow time has been diminished until the next time my husband gets paid.

Although my second wow account is till active until the middle of the month so I may just play on my second account for a while.