Work, work, work, eat, sleep, and more sleep

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The past two weeks I’ve been working a lot on perler bead stuff. After I had finished the two images I did of Attack On Titan that has been sent to the printers for print, I had debated on what I should make with all these perler beads that my husband had gotten for me. I’ve already made some pixel character works of some AOT characters and the Wings of Freedom emblem. I had also made some companion cube boxes as well, but I needed to make more stuff to be sold or displayed at the upcoming convention this weekend called FreeCon.

I’m so clearly obsessed with these beads because I seem to have so many things I want to create and I just don’t want to crate the same thing that everyone else is making with these beads; which is game pixels of Mario and Pokemon sprites. I mean I love those things and I would make them myself, but it’s a pattern that can be found anywhere. I am a creative I guess and I like to make my own patterns for things like this. I would rather look up tutorials to see the technique in making something and use hat skill that I learn and put that to use on a project I am working on.

The companion cube box I used a tutorial I found on and used it as a reference to the box I made. Though I wanted it to be sturdy enough to be a box and hold things so I made a basswood box to go inside the perler box as a skeletal frame. So the perler panels became the skin of the box.

There is just so many things I want to make and not enough time I the day to do it in. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve been sleeping in until past noon or until the kid comes home from school. It’s not healthy to do so and I should stop and get to a normal sleeping and waking schedule.

We’ll FreeCon is in a couple of days and I’m going to have to push hard to get more stuff done for display and to sell. Though I am going to have to cut down on the caffeine because I’m seriously feeling the jitters.

Lack of updates? No just been busy.

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Not really a lack of blog updates, just been busy getting things together for upcoming conventions. I’ve been at my computer cleaning it up, drawing new images, and planning for the next and upcoming events, all while tending to a 7 year old, and dealing with 3 dogs. It’s been a crazy 4 months since I last posted and the last post was about a convention I had been in Artist Alley for. 

I attended FreeCon earlier in April and did decent for the most part. I did make my table money back which was good and did see foot traffic. As the tables were assigned not like the last convention I went to, I was put  next to an old acquaintance, that I met while I was in Orlando. Most people would know her as NEN. I know her as Amanda or she use to be mythchan on deviantart. The story of all that happenings can be found here.

So now I am preparing for the third con of the year. Hama-con. Yeah I am doing the little anime cons this year until I am able to have enough to try for a big con. Although the big con I am trying for is AWA. I’ve put in an application for it when it was out for process and here’s hoping I get in. I probably won’t considering there was about 250 applications. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes though. If not I can always try again next year. Possibly by then I will have a bigger portfolio to show on my deviantart. I have been trying to post new images as soon as I get them done. Not trying to rush them so much but trying to get enough done so I can make a batch of prints for the next con which is coming at the end of May.

I would also like to say how psyched I am for November’s convention choice. What is it? Why? It’s BLIZZCON of course! Last night my husband and I got our clicking fingers ready for the first batch of ticket sales and I was at 2500 at 13 mins when I clicked. My husband was at 4000 or something. Of course I got us the tickets at 29% but we are so excited to have gotten our tickets for our 4th Blizzcon trip. Our rooms are booked already, and we’re still debating on flying or driving there. I like the drive though I know it’s very tiring for my husband. Plus we might be carrying  some extra luggage due to my husband wanting to the costume contest. Which we are going to get started on sometime next month. Or the month after. There’s a lot of planning to do for the costume.

I should get back to making Circle Lens reviews and such. Well at least I updated. Probably will update more when the time  comes.