A Hello Kitty addict who loves to play any games I could get my hands on. Was once a tom boy but has evolved to become what you see here in this blog, but still in tune with how I grew up. My hometown is the Bronx, NY and I do miss it dearly, but I do love the Florida sunshine and climate. Except when it’s blistering hot, then I’ll be sitting next to the air conditioning vent to keep cool.

I love art in any shape or form, but I am more interested in paintings and sketches than anything. Traditional art mediums is what I want to do most of all but with the lack of space and cash at the moment I’m sticking with Photoshop and a Cintiq Tablet. I’m trying my best to improve on more realistic anime/cartoon style art than just cellshaded style.

I am in to anime and manga, and Asian culture and their style. I also love pandas, so I try to collect anything that’s panda ish. Like the Littlest Pet Shop Panda toys.

I wasn’t into makeup until I graduated High School but then again I haven’t been “girly” until I got married, but makeup seems to make me break out so I use just specific type of makeup. Such as mineral base or BB Cream.

I’ve been a gamer for a while and I guess that’s why my husband loves me so. Well it’s one of the reasons why he loves me so. I’m into RPGs, Arcade Fighting games, survival type games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider etc. Every so often I drift back to the old school 8 bit or 16 bit days, and play Mario on my emulator. Even go back to Dos games and play the Commander Keen series. I’m not into competitive gaming but I do try it once in a while.


Want to game with me? My gaming profiles are below:

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