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So 12 more blog post before I reach 100 blog post!!! I need to start posting more useful stuff, but when I do get to my 100th post it’s going to be a giveaway! So those that are here for free stuff keep checking back for that 100 post. I need to figure out what to get for the giveaway soon, and how long will I run that giveaway. I could say run it for 100 days but that’s too long to wait, or just run it until I get 100 people to sign up for it. I need to make the prize extravagant or something awesome, of course again I shouldn’t be doing giveaways cause I am punk ass broke. 

I will figure something out I just thought I post something about me reaching my 100th post soon. We’ll see what comes. Oh I suppose I need to start posting up art tutorials again. Yep that is what I am going to do, since this blog is suppose to be a well rounded blog that’s suppose to attract gamers, girls interested in circle lens and gyaru/ulzzang things, artist, and full time moms trying to keep it cool. 

Oh yeah and also blog about food. That is if I go out to eat in other places than what I normally eat at. 

Also I am going to work on a new blog layout. =D

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