Skin79 Vital BB Cream ORANGE!

So I am a huge BB Cream user and when I came across the new Skin79 Orange BB Cream I was intrigued by it. I read what it claim it does and it’s basically almost the same as the Super BB Hot Pink and Super BB Gold VIP, however the extra twist to the Skin 79 Orange BB Cream is that it claim it has 5 vitamin complex that helps keep the skin healthy and supple. 

Containing Vitamin A which gives the skin elasticity, Vitamin C for brightening, Vitamin E and Vitamin F to moisturize, and Vitamin E Derivatives for nourisment. On top of all that it does what the HotPink and the Gold VIP does with reducing the look of wrinkles, whitens the skin a bit, and has SPF. Though the other two had SPF of 20 this one is SPF 50. You can see in the images below what it claims it does and what the BBCream contains.

So yeah this is something I went and splurged my money on because I love the Skin79 lines of BBCream especially the SUPER+ line. So I went an purchased it and it does come packaged like the newest bottles of BBCream and comes with an authentication sticker to prove that it’s the real deal. So far all I know is that Skin79 has started putting these authentication stickers on their products somewhere early 2010. If you don’t know what they look like here’s a picture of the authentication stickers.

Now I have tried the Hot Pink and the Gold VIP of this BB Cream and I loved them both. The HotPink one I usually use for the winter/colder season because it’s very dewy on my face. I know that it’s suppose to be best used for very oily skin and probably better to use during the summer, but during the summer when I use the pink one it seems like my face looks more oily than it should. So I tend to use the Gold VIP during the summer because it gives more of a dry look than the pink one does and it seems to control the oils on my face more than the pink one does during the warmer/hot weathers. 

Now to start off, we all know that most BBCream comes in very light shades. You can get BB Cream in darker shade tones I believe but they would still look so much lighter on the skin. When I started to use the Orange BBCream I thought the shade of color would be the same as the pink and the gold versions. It didn’t turn out to be the same color but a VERY pale shade of neutral. Almost a porcelain doll color. 

Here’s a swatch of the drops:

Not very noticable on how different the shade are. The drops are in order of the picture above it. Pink, Gold, Orange. You can see that the orange is a bit lighter than the pink and the gold. This next picture is being spread along my hand to give you a good example of the shades.

Again Pink, Gold, Orange in that order. You can see how pale the Orange BBCream is as compared to the Pink and the Gold. I have to learn how to swatch neater. That is some messy swatching. 

Now going on to the smell of the BBCream, where the Pink BBCream has a foundation like smell to me, and the GOLD has a smell that you can tell is from the Caviar extract in it, the Orange BBCream smell is a bit more floral. A bit of a Jasmine eucalyptus scent, which I don’t have a problem with. I actually like the smell of it. The smell does fade after you apply it on to your skin though so don’t have to worry about smelling like vicks vapor rub all day long. Here’s a picture of me putting the BBCream on my face. Dabbing it on first to get where it needs to go then I gently rubbed it into the skin until it blended.

There is a bit of trouble putting this on though cause it feels like it dries quickly as soon as it’s blended in. Although afterwards it results in a somewhat matte finish. It doesn’t look greasy or oily or dewy at all which is what I like to see in most BBCreams. Haven’t used it during the warmer/hot weather yet because I got this just around October. I’m sure this is great for combination skin and oily skin. So far I love how this BBCream makes my skin feel soft and I have been using this for over a month now. Use it as a facial primer or as foundation itself. Since the Orange BBCream is a very light shade I tend to use foundation to blend out the paleness sometimes.

Some before and after pictures:

Not much change to notice when having the BBCream on but it’s suppose to look natural. The pictures below shows the before and after on the BBCream on my scar discolorations. It does cover up the scar discoloration a bit so it doesn’t look so bad which is another reasons why I love BBCream. I’m sure some of you would say concealer will do the same thing but honestly I have never seen a concealer do a good job in masking some of the scar discolorations as the BBCream does.

Again I love BBCream and although I use Skin79 BBCream most it’s actually the one I prefer for myself. I would love to try other BBCreams as well. I have tried one Missha BBCream which came with one of my ebay purchases as a gift sample and I did not like the Missha BBCream at all. It was so very dewy and looked oily on me. So right now I’ll probably stick to Skin79 brands until I come across something that looks interesting to me.

As for the Orange BBCream I would definitely recommend this to anyone that want to try it out. The coverage of this BBCream is as great as the Hot Pink and Gold VIP and does not give you that oily dewy look. It feels great after application and makes your skin looks healthy. Must be the 5 Vita-V complexes in them. ^.~

Please do excuse my lack of makeup. I didn’t feel like putting it on for this review. LOL

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