First Ever Giveaway

Circle LensGiveaway

Hello guys,

I’m going to host a giveaway for some pairs of circle lenses that are collecting dust in my collection

These are legit lenses bought from Kiwiberry1 Collections dot com.

The reason I’m giving them away is that these are pairs that I probably won’t ever open or try on and this I because of the recent new lenses that are out on the market. So I am very much into 14.5 – 15 mm diameter lenses now. Or lenses that have patterns close to the edge to give me the big eye dolly look or at least make me look like I’ve been sniffing drugs. O.O dialted pupils!

 So what the giveaway will consist of is 3 random winners,  and each winner will get in the following:

First person chosen will get ONE PAIR of Circle Lens  the E225 Green by Magic Image and a sample of the Skin 79 Hot Pink and Gold Caviar BBCream

Second person chose will get TWO PAIRS of Circle Lens consisting of FH31 Grey and FR33 Green by Hana/SP and a sample of the Skin 79 Hot Pink and Gold Caviar BBCream

Last person chosen will get THREE PAIRS of Circle Lens in the GnG Dueba brand which are the following X9 Violet (Queenie) , Barbie Queen MD Violet, and Wind BF2 Gray, a sample of the Skin 79 Hot Pink and Gold Caviar BBCream and Missha NO. 21 BB Cream, and 5 Brush Guards.

How do you qualify for this give away? Well just follow me on twitter then tweet “@PhoenixCrash is having a  Circle Lens Giveaway at ”




Follow my blog through google connect and leave a comment at this blog post containing this giveaway. The comment can be anything random or can suggest what type of circle lens should review in the future, etc. 

Enter by signing up with the form below. Also take note that if you refer people by using the link given to you after you sign up through email you will get extra entry points for the giveaway. Same as if you sign up using facebook. Liking the giveaway on Facebook will aso gain you and extra entry point. So sign up with the form below.

1. Liking the giveaway on Facebook. (+1 entry)
2. Becoming a Facebook Fan of the website. (+1 entry)
3. Leaving a comment about the giveaway. (+1 entry)
4. Tweeting about the giveaway. (+1 entry)
5. Sharing the giveaway on your Facebook wall. (+1 entry)
6. Sending Facebook invites to your friends. (+1 entry for each invite)
7. Distributing a unique invite link to the giveaway. (+1 entry for each friend that visits the giveaway and +5 entries for each friend that joins the giveaway)

Chance to enter the GIVEAWAY has CLOSED

This giveaway will close on October 31st , and winners will be announced on Nov 4th. So if you want free lenses and free extras feel free to enter and good luck.



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